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100 ounce Silver Bar .999 Fine (Engelhard)

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  • $19.60

*Spot Price based on 1 troy oz


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Product Details

Silver Bars have been purchased throughout history to store value and wealth, with this .999 Fine Silver Engelhard Bar continuing that tradition. These Engelhard 100 oz Silver Bars are among the most popular ways to buy silver bullion due to its low premium and easy liquidity.

Not only has its value and purity been accredited by COMEX and LBMA, but this Deliverable Bar provides an efficient way to optimize Bulk Purchases. Each of these Engelhard Silver Bars contain 100 troy ounces of 99.9% Pure Silver, providing great value with a single purchase.

Engelhard Corporation branded its company as a top player in the bullion market since its inception in 1902. Founded by Charles Engelhard, Sr, the corporation monopolized the industry, becoming one of the largest refiners of gold, silver and platinum. A mainstay in the silver bullion market, Silver Engelhard Bars have continued to impress silver buyers, years after its departure from the Precious Metals Industry.

Widely accepted due to its high recognition and long history in the industry, Engelhard 100 ounce Silver Bars are great ways to add to your silver bullion holdings. One of the most recognized Name Brand Bars, these Engelhard Silver Bars are stamped with its weight and purity "999+ FINE SILVER 100 TR. OZ" . These popular Bullion Bars are also very easy to store due to its uniformed size and exact shape.

Gainesville Coins is where you want to buy 100 oz. Silver Bars with our vast selection of Engelhard Products including these Low Premium Engelhard 100 ounce Silver Bars.

*Stock photo for reference. Actual bar may vary.


Product Specifications
Fineness: 0.999
Weight: 3.110347 kg
Mint: Engelhard
IRA Approved: Yes

Customer Reviews

5.0 stars out of 5
  • great

    By omar Monday, December 23, 2013

    these bars are nice and square so stacking them is very easy and secure unlike some of the poured bars.

  • the best 100 ouncer

    By silverismoney Thursday, October 31, 2013

    These are by far my favorite 100oz bar. i don't like poured bars because they look odd IMO. These are very nice to look at and can be easily stacked.

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