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  • 50 X 1 Gram Divisable Gold - thumbnail
  • 50 X 1 Gram Divisable Gold - thumbnail
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50 X 1 Gram Divisible Gold Valcambi CombiBar - (1.6075 oz of Gold) With Assay Card


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  • AGW of 1.6075 ozt, 0% pure gold
  • This item is approved for precious metal IRA.
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Product Specifications
Actual Metal Weight: 1.6075 ozt
IRA Approved: Yes

Product Details

The breakable Valcambi 50 Gram Gold CombiBar (50 x 1g Bars) come complete with an Assay Certificate in a plastic holder! This unique way to hold gold bullion has taken the market by storm, with its ability to be easily separated into 50 mini-bars that each weigh exactly 1 gram. The 50 gram gold CombiBar is the world’s first divisible gold bar, and contains 1.6075 oz of .9999 pure gold.

The front of the 50 gram bar is pre-scored into individual bars of 1g each, that can be separated cleanly with no sharp edges or loss of metal. Each of the 1g bars is stamped with the Valcambi Suisse logo, the weight at 1 gram, the purity at .9999 fine gold, and the Assayer's stamp, "CHI Essayeur Fondeur." The back of the bar has the diamond-shaped Valcambi logo, "Valcambi Suisse, 50g fine gold 999.9," the serial number of the 50 gram bar, and the, "CHI Essayeur Fondeur," Assay mark, which makes the smaller bars more readily available for trade.

In addition to the collectible value, CombiBars are useful in situations where ready-access to paper money or use of credit cards is impossible, such as in remote areas of the world or immediately following natural disasters. All Gold CombiBars come in a plastic holder with an Assay card, and easily fit into a wallet or purse. The 50 gram bar itself is minted in the A8 format (74mm x 52mm), making it approximately the size of a playing card.

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By Ginot on Thursday, December 26, 2013
very unique way to invest in gold. Its cheaper than buying 50 individual 1 gram bars which is nice.
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