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2019 Chinese Silver Pandas

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2019 Chinese Silver Pandas

Beginning in 2016, the 1 oz Silver Panda was replaced with the 30 gram Silver Panda. This is only slightly different than the 31.1 grams contained in a troy ounce. This change makes it easier for many of the world's bullion investors to visualize the weight, since everyone but the U.S. uses the metric system. Nonetheless, the troy ounce standard is still used for precious metals trading across the West. The change to using grams is more geared toward traders and investors in the East, where China's gold and silver markets continue to grow.

While there are many options when buying silver bullion coins, such as the U.S. Mint's American Silver Eagle, the Royal Canadian Mint's Silver Maple Leaf, the Austrian Mint's Silver Philharmonic, and a variety of silver coin series from Australia's Perth Mint, the Chinese Silver Panda has elevated itself into this same class of trusted silver bullion. Collectors have been drawn to its creative designs and its comparatively low mintage totals, and bullion investors will find the Silver Panda to be highly liquid all around the world.

Moreover, the panda is an immediately recognizable symbol of China and Chinese culture, giving the coin an added flair. In fact, the Chinese government has engendered greater contact and cooperation across cultural barriers by instituting exchange programs with zoos around the world, sending pandas to foreign lands. In nature, the Giant Panda is limited to a small region of the Chinese highlands, making it virtually impossible to catch sight of them in person otherwise.

Design Of 2018 Silver Pandas

The 2018 Silver Panda is struck with the weight of 30 grams, a purity of .999 fine silver, and the denomination of 10 Yuan. These specifications are inscribed at the top and bottom of the coin's reverse design. Despite the switch to metric weights, one tradition of the Chinese Pandas remains the same: a different design of a Giant Panda on the reverse of the coin each year. This year's version shows a close-up view of a panda holding a bamboo shoot. The relief of the coin brings out the texture of the panda's fur, as well as the distinctive color pattern around its eyes. Stalks of bamboo are visible in the background.

The obverse design depicts the famous Temple of Heaven, a distinctive building within the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests in Beijing. A ring around the image includes Chinese characters across the top rim and the year of issue "2018" at the bottom. The edge of the coin uses a reeded pattern.

Other Distinctive Chinese Silver Coins

While the Panda series of coins (including the Gold Panda) are China’s official bullion coin program, the country also mints a number of other silver coins in addition to the Silver Panda. Many are made in unusual and attractive shapes, such as rectangles, fans, and flower blossoms with scalloped contours. Choose from the variety of Chinese silver coins from Gainesville Coins, online 24/7 or by phone at (813) 482-9300.