Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins For Sale

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Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins For Sale

The Royal Canadian Mint Gold Maple Leaf Coin is one of the most recognizable and widely traded coins anywhere on the planet today. These 1 oz gold bullion coins are a popular form of investing in physical gold, yet are also admired for the elegance and symbolic importance of their designs.

Buying Canadian Gold Maple Leafs

Investors have made Gold Maples one of the best-selling bullion coins in the world for several good reasons. From reliable quality to their beauty to their advanced anti-counterfeiting features, these gold coins are among the very best options for gold buyers.

Prices for Gold Maple Leafs are generally a few percentage points above the gold spot price. This is an excellent value given the consistently exceptional quality of the coins. Buyers can also purchase Gold Maples in bulk in "Monster Boxes" that contain 500 coins each.

Ordering backdate Gold Maples—i.e. coins from previous years—may occasionally take longer than buying current-year coins.

Gold Maple Leaf Specifications

Each Gold Maple contains a total of 1 troy ounce of fine gold content, as the 1 oz size is a convenient standard for bullion coins. In addition, fractional sizes are also minted, available in ½ oz, ¼ oz, and 1/10 oz sizes. All of these sizes bear identical obverse and reverse designs.

More importantly, each of these sizes is struck from the same 99.99% pure gold. The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is one of the few gold bullion coins around the world that is minted using this extra-pure “four-nines” .9999 fine gold. In fact, the Royal Canadian Mint also holds the distinction for being the only major world mint to offer “five-nines” .99999 pure gold in the form of special edition bullion coins. remarkably, this gold is 99.999% pure, with only 1 part per every 100,000 made up of an element other than pure gold.

Gold Maple Leaf Design

The obverse design of the Gold Maple has always featured the right-facing profile of HM Queen Elizabeth II. Over the years, the effigy has been updated to reflect the progressing age of Her Majesty. The year of issue and the face value, 50 Dollars, are inscribed along the outer rim.

The reverse design bears artist Walter Ott’s intricate engraving of a maple leaf, the national symbol of Canada. The leaf is highly detailed, with all of the textures and veins of the leaf artfully represented. In 2014, the Mint introduced an innovative security feature to its Gold Maples: a radial finish and a small maple leaf privy mark were added to the coin. These devices are micro-engraved through laser etching technology, making counterfeiting virtually impossible. The added security has stirred even more interest in the Gold Maple Leaf as an investment vehicle, and has also shown the RCM’s incredible metal refining prowess.

About the Royal Canadian Mint

In addition to producing all of Canada's circulation coins, the Royal Canadian Mint also designs and manufacturers some of the world’s purest precious metal bullion. RCM gold bars are very popular among traders and investors, and appropriately rank among the most trusted bullion products on the physical gold market. the mint has won numerous awards for its beautiful and innovative coin designs, as well.