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In addition to providing our customers with the highest quality gold, silver, and platinum bullion products, Gainesville Coins also offers other metals like palladium and copper, as well as a wide range of other products for bullion investors and coin collectors alike. Copper has become an increasingly popular way for average people to make a low-cost investment in a tangible asset. Meanwhile, palladium is the close cousin to platinum and is considered a precious metal, but is far less expensive than platinum or gold by comparison. You will also find coin supplies in the category to help you preserve and organize your collection, metal detectors and treasure hunting supplies, plus much more!


While it is an important industrial metal (not unlike silver or the Platinum Group Metals), copper is sometimes considered a semi-precious metal due to its similarities to gold and silver. Due to increased demand for copper from Chinese industries, many investors around the world have begun to invest in the metal as a tangible asset.

Gainesville Coins has met this rise in the popularity of copper bullion with an array of copper rounds with fantastic designs. In addition to its beautiful luster, red color, and intrinsic value, copper bullion is an affordable alternative to precious metal investments. Check out our full inventory of copper bullion!


The sister metals platinum and palladium are important industrial metals, especially for the automobile industry. However, their relative rarity and high price also make them precious metals. When an investor's portfolio already contains a great deal of gold and silver, adding palladium bullion is seen as a great way to diversify one's holdings. To most observers, palladium is similar in appearance to silver.

Most of the world's palladium is mined in South Africa and Russia, though some is found in North America, as well. Over the past decade or so, government mints have even begun to issue palladium bullion coins for investors, such as the Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf, which speaks to the rising demand for this metal among precious metal buyers. Moreover, palladium is the less expensive alternative when compared to platinum.

Metal Detectors

One of the hobbies that is closely related to both coin collecting and precious metal investing is treasure hunting. Not only to treasure-seekers using metal detectors often stumble upon historic coins, but they might also cash in on lost gold or silver in the form of jewelry. Metal detecting is a popular pastime at beaches, where you never know what shipwrecked bounty will wash ashore, and in open fields. While Florida's Treasure Coast is famous for its long-lost shipwrecks carrying gold and silver bullion (hence the name), perhaps the most bountiful amount of buried treasure is found in the United Kingdom.

We carry the top brands of metal detectors to help our customers pursue this exciting hobby. You can also check out our original articles that help explain the ins and outs of metal detecting, treasure hunting, and strategies for getting the most out of this hobby!

Coin Supplies

One area that serious coin collectors can't overlook is the proper supplies for preserving and displaying their collection. Gainesville Coins has you covered! We carry a variety of the most popular coin supplies, such as plastic capsules for individual coins, custom-made wooden display cases for your favorite graded pieces, and coin tubes from government mints so that you can stack up and transport your coins in bulk amounts. Our coin capsules are sized to fit different popular coins, like the American Silver Eagle or the 1 oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf. In addition, we also provide the cutting-edge of precious metal verification technology, the Sigma Analytics PMV device. Never be in doubt about the authenticity of your gold or silver bullion again!