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The team at Gainesville News is dedicated to bringing you relevant updates and analysis about the precious metals markets, as well as news in the broader financial markets. Our reporting reflects the crucial—and often overlooked—role that gold, silver, platinum and palladium play in the global economy, and how these metals interact with other assets and economic developments. We want to empower our readers with the latest information and industry perspectives on important events affecting the markets. We also provide occasional stories concerning geopolitics, important domestic developments, and other topics of interest. We always strive for objectivity and accuracy. Due to their diverse knowledge and professional backgrounds, our contributors also share their opinions where such insights may apply.

dont discount trump emergency powers

Don't Discount Trump Using Emergency Powers

February 09, 2019

In the event of a recession or economic crisis, there are wide-ranging emergency powers that President Trump can invoke. There are also already rampant predatory lending practices happening in the market. Outright wealth confiscation is not an impossible scenario.

problem with venezuela gold

The Problem With Venezuela's Gold

February 02, 2019

Venezuela is not only in the midst of a protracted economic crisis, but the Maduro government is also facing a growing political impasse. Where does the country's gold fit into this difficult situation?

press public criticize 80 20 gold scheme india

Press, Public Criticize 80:20 Gold Scheme in India

January 27, 2019

Get caught up on why the public, and increasingly the official press, are now explosively critical of the Indian government's "80:20" scheme for imported gold. The policy is being characterized as a "heist."

multimillion dollar sales FUN show

Multimillion-Dollar Sales at FUN Show

January 19, 2019

There were several multimillion-dollar auction prices realized at the annual Florida United Numismatists (FUN) coin show in Orlando. The rare coin market appears strong, and has been especially healthy in comparison to other asset classes.

gold silver canadian maple leaf coins available

Gold and Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Coins Available

January 10, 2019

The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf and Canadian Gold Maple Leaf are two of the most popular, trusted bullion coins in the world. 2019 issues of each of these .9999 fine coins are now available!

alaska silver mine seeks hunting ban

Alaskan Silver Mine Seeks Hunting Ban

January 06, 2019

Potentially hazardous encounters with wild game hunters are increasingly common at the Greens Creek Mine in the Alaskan wilderness. The company is asking the Board of Game to ban hunting near the silver mining operation.

gold price outlook 2019 bullish

Gold Price Outlook for 2019 Appears Bullish

January 05, 2019

After ending 2018 mostly flat, gold prices are poised to rally in 2019 due to an alignment of economic conditions. Between slowing growth, trade wars, and policy uncertainty, safe-haven demand for gold is likely to be strong.

singapore treasure hunt stakes doubled

Stakes Double for Treasure Hunt in Singapore

December 16, 2018

After offering a $50,000 grand prize to the winner of a scavenger hunt for a gold coin in Singapore last year, the same group is raising the prize to twice as much, promising $100,000 to the winner.

thanksgiving fun facts

Some Fun Facts About Thanksgiving

November 22, 2018

Thursday is the traditional Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. Check out some interesting facts about this annual celebration, including its origins and history over the centuries.

gold and silver manipulation goes mainstream

Gold and Silver Manipulation Goes Mainstream

November 17, 2018

After years of speculation and suspicions that big banks engaged in manipulating gold and silver prices, a guilty plea by a JPMorgan trader has placed the topic into mainstream discourse.

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