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Silver Rounds

Buying Silver Rounds Online

Silver bullion rounds are a very popular way to purchase silver. They have much lower premiums than silver bullion coins of the same weight. You get more silver for your investment dollar by buying silver rounds vs. silver coins such as the Royal Canadian Mint Silver Maple Leaf.

In other words, silver round prices are much closer to the silver spot price than comparable 1 oz silver bullion coins. They are almost always made from .999 fine silver bullion (99.9% pure). Low silver bullion premiums make rounds very attractive to investors.

Your typical silver dealer can regularly replenish its available supply of silver rounds more easily than certain government-issued bullion coins. On top of that, some silver bullion dealers have wider varieties of silver round designs available than coins.

Silver Coins vs. Silver Rounds

Government-made silver bullion coins display a denomination, and their weight and purity. The denomination makes them legal tender. Being legal tender gives them the guarantee of the "full faith and credit' of the government for each oz of pure silver.

Silver rounds are made by private refineries and private silver mints and have no face value. They only display their purity and weight. Compared to silver coins, which are often minted in limited amounts, private mint silver rounds are more readily available in most silver dealer's available inventory.

Some rounds are fairly generic, while others come from name brand mints in the United States like Mason Mint or Sunshine Minting. You can also find fractional silver rounds in sizes of less than one troy ounce. Much like coins, rounds can also come with an eye-catching proof finish.

The Difference Between Silver Bars and Silver Rounds

While silver rounds cost about the same as generic silver bars on the market, they may be easier to store. Stacking 1 troy oz or 10 oz silver bars can do the same, but larger silver bars are, of course, not divisible.

.999 fine silver rounds are close in size to American Silver Eagles. This lets them fit in the same size 20-coin mint tubes for secure storage -- a plus for silver rounds versus silver bars.

Much like state mints that mint silver bars, every round sold closely tracks silver bullion prices.

Availability of rounds will be the same as silver bars for most bullion dealers. For bulk orders, bars may be less expensive to ship based on their compact size and shape.

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Types of Silver Rounds

Silver rounds offer untold thousands of different designs available. Makers of silver rounds can create any design they want, as long as they don't violate trademark or copyright law. Legal tender collectible coins, in contrast, can only bear government-approved designs.

Most modern silver round designs fall into one of these categories:

  • Replicas of classic coin designs, like the Silver Buffalo round;
  • Religious and holiday designs; and
  • military/historical designs.

Silver Rounds at Gainesville Coins

Buying silver rounds gives you more silver for your dollar than buying silver coins. Buying your silver rounds from Gainesville Coins makes even more sense.

Whether you're buying 1 ounce or 10,000 ounces of silver, Gainesville Coins makes purchasing silver rounds simple. There is no minimum order limit at Gainesville Coins, and bulk orders are a breeze. We also offer the most popular legal tender silver coins, junk silver coins, as well as silver bullion bars from 1 ounce to 100 ounces.

Please call (813) 482-9300 to speak to one of our customer service representatives with any questions you have about purchasing silver bullion.