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Buy Gold Bullion Online

The use of gold as a store of value goes back thousands of years. Today, it still an important investment and global reserve asset.

Gold bullion usually takes one of three main forms.

  1. Gold bars
  2. Modern gold bullion coins
  3. Collectible gold coins

Notice that this list excludes gold jewelry. The purity of jewelry is not high enough to meet the standards for investment-grade gold.

The process of buying gold is fairly straightforward. Orders can be placed over the phone, in person, or online. Payment methods include check, credit card, and bank wire.

Be sure to check what inventory of products are available in stock prior to your purchase. Choosing between shipping methods or vault storage is another important consideration.

Follow the link to read our comprehensive gold buyers guide for a more in-depth explanation about how to buy gold.

Buy Gold Bars

The traditional way to buy gold bullion is in the form of bars. These can range in size from a one gram gold bar to 10 oz gold bars. The 1 oz gold bar size is still a top seller.

Bars do not carry a face value as legal tender. Their value is based on their actual gold weight (AGW). Buying gold bars online is easier than ever at Gainesville Coins!


Most gold bars are minted by private enterprises. Unlike the silver market, gold bullion rounds are not popular. Gold rounds (or gold medallions) never caught on with investors or collectors.

The best-known gold refiners are located in central Europe. In particular, Switzerland and Germany. Within continental Europe, their gold bars are even more popular than Austria's Gold Philharmonic coins!

The list below identifies four of the biggest names.


The Heraeus Group is one of the leading names in precious metals. They have primary locations in Switzerland, Germany, and Italy. The firm also has joint ventures in Chile and Saudi Arabia. This truly makes them an international company.

Argor-Heraeus gold bars are not only exceptionally high quality. They are also visually stunning. Their level of beauty matches the impressive technology used to make them.

PAMP Suisse

PAMP is the most trusted name in the bullion industry. Full stop. Its products include gold, silver, and even platinum. They are sold to retail investors all across the world.

The company's logo and its Lady Fortuna motif have become synonymous with quality. No gold refiner is more respected than PAMP Suisse. The "SWISS MADE" designation that applies to high-end luxury items, like watches and jewelry, also extends to PAMP products.

Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse is a major investment bank with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. For many years, Credit Suisse bars were regularly seen on the bullion market. Although some of its rivals (Scotiabank, UBS) have also minted gold bars, the Credit Suisse brand has much greater recognition in the marketplace. This is partly due to its foothold in the wealth management industry.


Since the 1960s, Valcambi SA has been a subsidiary of Credit Suisse. It is renowned as one of the best precious metals refineries in the world.

The Valcambi Suisse name certainly carries the "SWISS MADE" cachet on all of its products. In recent years, the firm has minted its own Valcambi platinum bars in addition to gold.


Some state-owned mints actually manufacture their own branded gold bars. The Perth Mint (Australia) and Royal Canadian Mint are two leaders in this regard. At times, the Royal Mint in the U.K. has also entered this market.

Buy Gold Coins

Gold coins are often seen as the safest way to buy gold. These coins are backed by the full faith and credit of the government that issued them. This is why gold coins minted around the world generally have a face value.


Governments started minting gold bullion coins for investment after the demise of the gold standard. Many ended up having staying power. The Mexican Gold Centenario has done so for more than three decades under the new name "Gold Libertad."

Today, bullion coins are produced by many of the world's most powerful governments. From the Chinese Gold Panda to the Australian Gold Kangaroo, there are abundant options to choose from.


You will often see the date pre-1933 gold coins mentioned by dealers. There was a major shift in the gold market in 1933. Under President Franklin Roosevelt, private gold ownership was outlawed in the U.S. by executive order.

Effectively, this was the end of circulating gold coins in America.

Many countries around the world made gold coins prior to 1933, as well. Perhaps the most well-known was the British Gold Sovereign. Very few nations continued to do so afterward. It was illegal to import foreign gold coins into the U.S. until the mid-1970s.

The South African Mint was one major exception. It began issuing Gold Krugerrand coins in 1967. They became a favorite for international investors (and James Bond villains).

Shop For Gold By Mint

One approach to buying gold bullion is choose a particular mint. A handful of trusted government mints rank high on the list.

The privately owned refiner PAMP Suisse is also included. PAMP's international reputation is on par with any government facility. Most gold buyers consider it to be superior, in fact.

United States Mint

The two flagship products of the U.S. Mint are the Gold Buffalo and Gold Eagle coins. The American Eagle coin series began in 1986 while American Gold Buffaloes began in 2006. The Buffalo is distinguished by its .9999 pure gold. The Gold American Eagle is 22 karats (.917 fine), by contrast. However, the 1 oz Gold Eagle still contains the same amount of pure gold as a 1 oz Gold Buffalo.

Each year the Eagles are available in 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/2 oz gold sizes, as well.

Royal Canadian Mint

The RCM (as it's known for short) mints its own bullion coins and bars. The Canadian Maple Leaf series is its most popular. Other Canadian gold coins are typically commemorative in nature.

The Maple Leaf coin not only is .9999 pure. It also uses multiple layers of defense against counterfeiting.

In addition to the 1 oz Gold Maple, the mint also makes 1/10 oz gold, 1/4 oz gold, and 1/2 oz sizes.

Australian Perth Mint

All gold coins minted in Australia come from Perth Mint. It is located in the Western portion of the country. Circulating coins are struck at the Royal Australian Mint instead.

Perth was one of the first government mints to develop multiple annual bullion coin series. These coins have become quite collectible. Like the Royal Canadian Mint, its branded gold bars are highly regarded.

PAMP Suisse

This private Swiss mint is considered the best gold bullion refiner in the world. The 1 oz and 5 oz Gold PAMP Suisse bars are a popular choice. On each bar Lady Fortuna is pictured. She is the goddess of wealth and fortune.

Other gold PAMP bars with different designs are also available for sale.

Why Buy Gold?

The case for adding gold to your portfolio has never been stronger. The best time to start protecting your wealth is right now!

One reason investors buy gold bullion is as an inflation hedge. Gold tends to rise when a currency loses value. All fiat currencies, like the dollar, devalue over time. Keep in mind the gold spot price is usually measured in USD.

In other words, gold gains purchasing power as the value of currencies decline.

Buy Gold Online

Modern technology allows you to shop for gold from the convenience of your computer or mobile device. If you buy bullion online, you are part of a growing trend around the world.

Gainesville Coins is dedicated to providing the highest quality customer service. Our gold bullion selection offers an array of options to choose from.