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Buying silver is an easy and affordable method for diversifying a portfolio, as silver has many properties that make it a valuable asset. Foremost, silver is a precious metal and coveted commodity with many industrial uses.

It’s also been used as money for nearly as long as it’s been known by humans—some 5,000 years! Yet, the silver supply is finite; there’s only so much to go around. Therefore, it can serve as a great investment, often increasing in market value when the economy is weak or when various industries that use silver in large amounts grow in size or scope.

Many people wonder if buying silver is a good investment. As a so-called “safe haven” investment, silver comes in many forms, including coins, rounds, and bars.

You may be asking, "Should I buy silver bars or coins?" While coins are often the most popular investment because they’re widely recognizable and come in many beautiful designs, silver rounds and bars are usually available for lower prices closer to their spot silver price – their intrinsic metal value or melt value.

Want to know more about how to purchase silver and what is the best silver to buy? Be sure to check out our comprehensive investors' guide to buying physical silver for more information about how to buy silver online!

At Gainesville Coins, we carry a huge selection of silver bullion products suitable for those who wish to buy silver for investing and at low prices affordable for just about any budget.

Modern Bullion Coins

We sell silver investment coins, or bullion silver coins, from many nations around the world. The most prominent silver bullion coins are the American Silver Eagle coins and Silver Canadian Maple Leaf coins. Today's modern silver coins are generally made from a .999-fine (or 99.9% pure silver) silver content and come in various designs and face value denominations. These coins include:

Numismatic Silver Coins

Legal-tender silver coins are popular because they can make wonderful long-term investments, a handsome collection, or can even be spent as money in emergency situations.

Among the most popular numismatic silver coins are the widely recognized and collected Morgan and Peace silver dollars struck by the United States Mint during the American Renaissance of coins. U.S. Mint silver coins will often be certified silver coins, meaning a third-party grading service has evaluated the coin's collectible condition.

We also sell United States pre-1965 junk 90% silver coins, 40% silver coins, Canadian silver coins, British silver coins, and a wide range of old circulated silver coins from Canada, Australia, Mexico, and other countries.

Modern Collectible Silver Coins

These unique, limited-mintage coins may sell for higher premiums than their bullion counterparts but they also offer excellent liquidity due to their higher demand and diverse crossover appeal for coin collections. Australia’s Perth Mint is one of the world’s largest producers of these exquisite coins for investors that include the following Australian silver coin series:

We also sell silver rounds and silver bullion bars from many trusted brand names. These are also .999 fine silver.

Our vast inventory of silver for sale includes:

Silver Bars

When you buy silver bars, you can choose from unique hand-poured silver bars, silver bullets, or minted bars from Johnson Matthey, PAMP Suisse, Sunshine Mint, Mason Mint, Heraeus, and others in a variety of sizes by weight (troy ounces), including:

Because they are priced based on their fine metal content, silver bars are easy to sell down the road.

Silver Rounds

People usually buy silver rounds when they're interested in what is the cheapest way to buy silver. But silver bullion rounds can be artistic! We also offer a full range of silver art rounds, such as:

The most common sizes are 1 oz and 2 oz silver rounds. Keep in mind that silver rounds are silver bullion, but they have no legal tender status and do not carry face value like coins.

Shop for Silver by Mint

When you choose Gainesville Coins for buying silver, you can conveniently shop for silver by mint. We offer coins and other silver products from many government mints:

We also carry silver from respected private refiners such as Sunshine Mint and Mason Mint.

Whether you are buying silver bars, silver coins, silver rounds, or other bullion products, we will make sure you receive exactly what you want to add to your portfolio every time. You may want to buy silver but aren’t sure what products are available to help achieve your precious metals investment goals. So, our skilled and experienced bullion experts can advise you on each of the products we offer and the advantages of each. We openly list our premium over spot per ounce on each silver product so you can buy low premium silver if you like.

As so many of our silver coins, silver rounds, and silver bars are made by ISO-certified refiners and private mints, we can inform you on which of our products would be ideal for a self-directed Individual Retirement Account, or Precious Metals IRA. We believe an educated investor is a confident investor, and we guarantee satisfaction.

No matter the size of your order or experience in buying silver, we are here to serve you. Our longstanding commitment to offering the best service to all of our clients has helped us to earn and maintain a solid A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We also currently hold a prestigious 5-star rating from the National Inflation Association for our pricing, selection, shipping, processing, customer service, and overall satisfaction.

For more information about buying silver bullion or to buy silver coins, rounds, and bars, please stop by our luxury showroom or contact us any time at today. If you have any questions, please call us during normal business hours at (813) 482-9300.

We have been serving clients throughout the United States and markets around the globe since 2006. Gainesville Coins has built a solid reputation as a leading silver bullion dealer. Our experts will be happy to help you buy silver or any other products you may be looking for, including gold bullion, third-party-graded rare coins certified by Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) or Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), and many other collectible and investment coins and products. You can rest assured knowing that when you buy from Gainesville Coins, you will receive excellent service and can complete your transaction in a discreet, secure manner.