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10 Oz Silver Bars

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10 Oz Silver Bars

10oz silver bars are minted in two general styles, stamped and poured. Stamped silver bars start as solid metal and are physically struck. The force of the strike embeds details such as: the name of the mint or refiner, the weight of the bar, the purity (.999) and a unique serial number. Some stamped bars may be embelished with ornate designs and company logos.

Poured silver bars begin in a hot liquid form and are poured into a mold. During the cooling process, essential information about purity, weight and the brand name are pressed into the bar. Poured bars usually command higher premiums due to the additional labor needed for their production. Many poured silver bars have an "old-fashioned" appearance. These unique bars are coveted by nostalgic collectors, who have an appreciation for the craftsmanship involved. Both Engelhard and Academy are renowned for their poured bars.

The more uniform design of stamped 10oz silver bars makes them more practical for stacking and storing. A number of private mints and refiners manufacture stamped silver bars. The very popular Morgan Design 10oz silver bar is fine example of a stamped bar, as are certain bars from the Sunshine Mint and Johnson Matthey.

Regardless of which style or brand you choose, 10oz silver bars are .999 fine silver.