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Roman Empire Silver Coins

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Roman Empire Silver Coins

At the height of its empire, Ancient Rome boasted a sophisticated system of gold and silver coinage. Its flagship silver coin was known as the denarius, and it became the coin of preference for much of Western civilization during the height of the empire. Various different emperors issued their own silver denarious coins that bore the emperor's image. This was a very good way to gain credibility and admiration from the public as well as foreign nations.

You can find Roman silver coins available from the reigns of many different Roman emperors here at Gainesville Coins. Our inventory includes a wide selection of silver denarii that cover the reigns of several different emperors. We have made sure that every one of these silver coins has been authenticated, graded, and encapsulated by NGC so that our customers don't have to worry if the ancient coin they are buying is real. You never have to run the risk of buying a fake ancient coin again!

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