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GC Faith Series Collection

Gainesville Coins Exclusive Faith Series

Partly due to their everlasting quality, gold and silver are often associated with different Biblical themes. The GC exclusive Faith Series at Gainesville Coins celebrates classic themes from Christianity in beautiful silver bullion! This exclusive collection also includes colorized silver rounds and copper bullion that embody symbols of Christian identity. They're only available at Gainesville Coins!

Lamb Of God Silver Round

Lamb of God Silver Rounds

The lamb is an enlightening symbol of Christ, representing Jesus's suffering and sacrifice to save humankind from its sins.

In frosted relief against a colorized background that resembles a stained glass window, the obverse design of the Lamb of God 1 oz Silver Proof Round shows the lamb holding a cross. A halo appears above its head. John 1:29 is inscribed on the back side against a mirrored proof finish.

This same design appears on another silver round without the colorized devices. Both rounds are struck from .999 fine silver and contain 1 troy ounce of pure silver!

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Ichthus Silver Rounds and Copper Rounds

"Ichthus" is the Ancient Greek word for "fish." The word is written IXOYE in the Greek alphabet, found inscribed at the bottom rim. Each Greek letter in the word creates an anagram for the phrase "Jesus Christ Son of God Savior," which is inscribed across the top of the rim.

The first letter, iota, is the first letter in the Greek translation of Jesus, Iesous. It is followed by chi (Christos: Christ), theta (Theou: God's), Upsilon (Uious: son), and Sigma (Soter: savior).

The image at the center of the design is a fish with a cross in front of it, sometimes called the "Jesus fish," the ichthus. The back design features the verse John 3:16.

This fantastic, custom-designed round is avaiable in .999 fine silver or .999 fine copper. The copper round weighs 1 AVP ounce while the silver round contains 1 troy oz of fine silver content.

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Ichthus Silver Round
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