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High Relief Silver Rounds and Bars

Gainesville Coins Ultra High Relief Silver Rounds

One of the most visually stunning design elements you will find on a coin, round, or medal is Ultra High Relief. This means the raised devices (relief) of the coin are far higher above its surface than a standard coin. This makes for a dramatic and exceptionally detailed work of art.

Gainesville Coins boasts a full line of exclusive, custom-designed Ultra High Relief 2 oz silver rounds and a 5 oz silver bar! You won't find these high-quality silver bullion designs anywhere else.

Headless Horseman Silver Round

2 oz Headless Horseman

The legend of the Headless Horseman traces back to a fictional story by the famous American author Washington Irving during the early 19th century. He was imagined as a Hessian soldier who was decapitated during the revolutionary war. He was buried under a tree in Sleepy Hollow, NY, said to rise from the dead as a ghost with a pumpkin to replace his missing head.

Given a spooky antiqued effect, this surrealistic and hyper-detailed design shows the Headless Horseman carrying his ghostly pumpkin head while riding a zombie horse. Menacing trees fill the background. The back of the round depicts the tree in Sleepy Hollow with a full moon hanging low in the sky.

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Sun Tzu Silver Round

2 oz Sun Tzu Art of War

The great Ancient Chinese general Sun Tzu has been studied and referenced as an authority on philosophy and strategy for centuries, and is also increasingly read by those in business world today. His famous treatise, The Art of War, is honored on this amazing antique finish silver round.

Sun Tzu is pictured on the front side of the design in front of a row of swords, while an interpretation of soldier figurines crossing a river is depicted on the back. The antique finish on the round brings out the fine details of the artwork.

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Knight Templar Silver Round

2 oz Knights Templar

The mysterious order of the Knights Templar is featured with a fitting antique finish on our newest exclusive Ultra High Relief silver round! Each round contains 2 troy ounces of actual silver weight (ASW).

In stunning Ultra High Relief, a Templar appears on the front design holding a sword and a shield. A crowne and cross emblem with the Latin motto "IN HOC SIGNO VINCES," or "In This Sign Thou Shalt Conquer," appears around the perimeter of the insignia. Both designs are set against the brick-wall background of a castle.

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Buccaneer Silver Bar

5 oz Buccaneer Silver Bar

Buccaneers, the pirates of the Atlantic during the 18th century, have always loomed large in the history of Tampa Bay, where Gainesville Coins is headquartered. With this exclusive design, created by in-house artists, the 5 oz Buccaneer Ultra High Relief Silver Bar (with Antique Finish), this theme is shown in the style of the time period. In dramatic relief, the back of the bar shows a swashbuckling coat of arms of sorts along with the motto, "WHAT'S YOURS IS NOW MINE."

Unlike most silver bars, the edge of this bar has an attractively reeded pattern. Its antique finish further fits the pirate theme. Each of these bars contains 5 troy ounces of pure silver.

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