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Silver Art Bars

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Silver Art Bars

Even before governments began issuing their own silver coins, one of the most common forms of money in the ancient world was silver bars, also known as silver ingots. These were fairly plain items that carried no markings other than perhaps their weight and purity.

However, with modern advancements in minting and engraving techniques, there are now a wide variety of different silver bar designs for investors to choose from!

What Are Silver Art Bars?

As silver bars regained popularity during the 1970s and 1980s, the vast majority of their designs were specific to the manufacturer, such as Engelhard and Johnson Matthey. These trusted name brands dominated the silver bar market. Although they are no longer in regular production, these bars continue to trade hands between collectors, traders, and investors on the secondary market.

Bullion buyers in recent years have preferred an entirely new kind of silver product: silver art bars.

As the name implies, silver art bars are manufactured with a greater emphasis on the artistic merit of the design. They are still struck from .999 fine silver though, so you're still getting the same 99.9% pure silver as other more generic bars.

Not only are silver art bars more visually attractive then generic silver, but they also offer an incredibly diverse range of design themes and may come from any one of a number of different refiners.

Moreover, you will find that many of these bars come in all sorts of interesting shapes. They may be pressed bars that are minted with the latest technology, or they could be poured bars that are still crafted by hand one at a time.

Check out all of the different options for silver art bars available at Gainesville Coins!