Hand Poured Bars

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Hand Poured Bars

In the course of stacking your silver bullion, have you ever wondered, "Why does every silver bar look the same?" Does this lack of variation and individual character bother you? Then hand-poured silver bars are the way to go for you!

Rather than being minted en masse by large machines in a fully automated manner (like most bullion bars), hand-poured silver bars are exactly what they sound like: They are produced in the old-fashioned manner, with molten silver poured by hand, one-by-one, into individual molds.

Hand-poured bars offer several advantages to bullion buyers who are looking for something unique in their silver. They are like snowflakes (to borrow a common simile) in that each one has its own quirks and differences, with a slight variance in their shapes and the contours of their surfaces, due to each bar being carefully hand-poured into its mold. They also have an "Old World" appearance, with a grainy texture on one side and a smooth, flat face on the opposite side.

Moreover, hand-poured bars offer a selection from an almost limitless number of shapes and designs. Rather than settling for the same rectangular prism shape, you can opt for hand-poured bars that come in the form of stars, pistols, skulls, and much more—virtually anything you can imagine can be made into a hand-poured silver bar!