2019 Patriot 1 oz Silver Round - World War I Antique

2019 Patriot 1 oz Silver Round - World War I (Antique Finish) - Mason Mint

patriot silver round world war
patriot silver round world war
patriot silver round world war
patriot silver round world war
patriot silver round world war
patriot silver round world war
patriot silver round world war
patriot silver round world war
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Product Highlight:

  • Series 2 in the Patriot silver round program
  • Honors the American warriors of WWI
  • Sculpted by Heidi Wastweet
  • Exclusive Gainesville Coins design
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Buy 2019 Patriot 1 oz Silver Round - World War I (Antique Finish) - Mason Mint

The 2019 PATRIOT - "War To End All Wars" antique finish 1 oz silver round adds a new dimension to this exclusive WWI commemorative design from Gainesville Coins. Each Patriot antiqued silver round has a special antiqued finish applied by hand to freshly-minted Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) Patriot WWI silver rounds. This antiqued finish enhances the three dimensional appearance of the features of the round.

The Antique Finish "The War To End All Wars" Patriot silver round carries the same obverse design as other silver rounds of the Patriot program. Three faces are arranged to either side and above a monument entitled PATRIOT. These three faces represent the three most important wars in American history (the American Revolution, World War One, and World War Two) and the three branches of service (Army, Air Force, and Navy.)

The leftmost face portrays a pilot of the U.S. Army Air Service of WWI. Two SPAD fighter planes from WWI appear in the background above his head. The middle face is that of a Minuteman of the Revolutionary War. The rightmost face is that of a WWII sailor of the U.S. Navy. An Iowa-class battleship is seen in the background above the sailor's head.

The reverse of the 2019 Patriot WWI "The War To End All Wars" antiqued finish silver round pays tribute not only to American warriors, but also gives a nod to our Allies. The reverse is dominated by a SPAD XIII fighter plane of the famous 94th "Hat in the Ring" Aero Squadron of the U.S. Air Service flying over the front. The 94th was commanded by the U.S. "Ace of Aces," Eddie Rickenbacker. Above the fighter, two German Zeppelins are cruising in the clouds, escorted by two famous Fokker Triplanes - the German fighter made famous by the Red Baron.

On the right side of the silver round, U.S. Army soldiers, known as "Doughboys," charge from their trenches across No Man's Land towards the German lines. Below this, a British tank and French cuirassiers (heavy cavalry) stand by in support. A ruined city in the background looms over the scene.

The design is framed with barbed wire along the rim, joining the inscriptions "The War To End All Wars" across the front and "World War I" on the bottom.

The "War To End All Wars" is the second series in the PATRIOT silver round program,which is exclusive to Gainesville Coins. Series 1 honors the original patriots of the American Revolution, and Series 3 commemorates the American fighting men of World War II. Each series comes in both Brilliant Uncirculated and Antiqued finishes.

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