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no-sales-taxDid you know that there is no sales tax on Silver Eagles, Gold Eagles, or junk silver at Gainesville Coins? Florida does not collect sales tax on U.S. currency or coins, and customers ordering from out of state pay no sales tax at all, even on foreign bullion or bars!

I know what you're already wondering: "Does that mean all U.S. coins?"

Yes, it does! Not only is modern U.S. coinage exempt, all U.S. coinage is exempt. Even proof versions!

  • American Silver Eagles (all types)
  • American Gold Eagles (bullion or proof)
  • American Gold Buffalo (bullion or proof)
  • America the Beautiful (ATB) 5 oz silver coins
  • pre-1965 silver U.S. coinage (numismatic or "junk")
  • pre-1933 U.S. gold currency (all denominations)
  • Morgan silver dollars
  • Peace silver dollars
  • Graded versions of any of the above

In addition to U.S. coinage being tax-free, any bullion order over $500 that is purchased and received in Florida is also exempt from sales tax.

Unlike some other big bullion dealers, Gainesville Coins has no minimum purchase level. We don't believe in forcing customers to make a $500 or $1500 order when they want to buy precious metals. All customers are treated with the same courtesy and care at Gainesville Coins.

We also have no minimum buy-back threshold. Tired of seeing a buy-back price, then finding out you have to sell them $10,000 worth of that coin to get that price? That's just crazy. Call one of our phone traders at (813) 482-9300 to make a purchase or receive a buy-back quote today!

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