Collector Resources for Understanding the Hobby of Collecting Coins

Collecting coins (also called numismatics) is one of the oldest hobbies in the history of humankind. It is still enjoyed by millions of people around the world today. One of the most important aspects of coin collecting is knowledge: The more that you know about the hobby itself, the more fun and excitement you will get out of it!

Learning about numismatics is extremely rewarding for new coin collectors. As you learn more and engage with numismatic experts, you will deepen your understanding of the nuances that make collecting coins such a great pastime.

This hub of educational resources will help you to absorb the finer points about collecting coins. It includes an overview of the vocabulary that coin collectors must know, pricing information about popular coins, collecting guides, and much more. Level-up your collecting game with these free sources of valuable information!

coin collection assorted coins

Coin collection of assorted coins. You can organize a coin collection in a variety of different ways!

Learn Coin Collecting Terminology

Like any niche or field of interest, coin collecting has its own lingo—right down to the fancy-sounding word numismatics. You will want to understand the specialized vocabulary that the coin collecting community uses to better understand how the hobby works.

Below we have broken down a variety of important coin collecting terms that will help you get the most out of your numismatic journey.

What Is an Uncirculated Coin? Guide to Condition and Value

What Is a Gem Coin? Understanding Quality, Rarity, and Value

What Is a Proof Coin? Overview for Coin Collectors

What Is a Brilliant Uncirculated Coin? Beginner's Guide

Who Is On Each U.S. Coin?

What Are Pre-1933 Gold Coins?

An Overview Of Numismatics

Anatomy of a Coin: How to Identify Coins On Sight

“Tricky Ikes” - The Story of the Silver Eisenhower Dollar

Basics of Numismatics

Collecting coins is a deep and richly rewarding area of interest. Getting your feet wet with the basics of the hobby first will pay dividends in the long run. Jump into numismatic pursuits with our easy-to-use articles and guides that walk you through the fundamentals of coin collecting.

How to Collect Coins for Beginners: Coin Collecting 101

Guide To Numismatics: Discover the Thrill of Coin Collecting

Silver Coins vs Silver Rounds - What's the Difference?

How to Sell Your Coin Collection

How to Sell Your Old Coins

How to Sell Coins: 5 Best Tips

How Many Coins Are In a Coin Roll? (Chart & Story)

Where to Find Rolls of Coins and the Best Way to Get Them

Coin Collecting Guides

Every coin collector can benefit from some guidance from the professionals. The experts at Gainesville Coins are here to help! We have carefully crafted a series of collector’s guides that will save you a great deal of time and money as you pursue different aspects of the coin collecting hobby.

Most Asked Questions About U.S. Mint Coins: Buyer’s Guide

Coin Collecting For Kids: How to Get Started

Top 15 Best Coins to Collect: Definitive List With Pictures

Top 15 Best Silver Coins to Collect

Best Gold Coins to Buy: Top 10 List

Top 20 Rare Coins Wanted By Collectors

Investing in Coins: Guide for Investors and Hobby Collectors

How to Buy Silver Coins: Step-by-Step Guide

Key Date Roosevelt Dimes: Collecting Tips

Coin Values

Knowing how much coins are worth is without a doubt an essential part of being a good coin collector. Our expert authors have made it easy for you to find and reference the values of a wide array of popular coins.

Coin Library (still under construction)

Top 13 Error Coins Worth Money - Price Guide With Picture

Rare Coins Worth Money: A Comprehensive Guide

Silver Eagle Values - Complete Pricing Guide

American Gold Eagle Values: How Much Are They Worth?


Lincoln Wheat Penny (1909–1958): Values & Key Dates

1919 Lincoln Wheat Penny Value

1943 Steel Penny Value: How Much They Are Worth Now

What Is the Value of a 1943 Copper Penny?

1944 Lincoln Wheat Penny Value Guide

1982 Bronze and Clad Lincoln Cent Guide

2009 Lincoln Penny Value and Designs: Bicentennial Cents

10 Most Valuable Pennies: Are These in Your Pocket Change?

11 Most Valuable Canadian Pennies


No Date Buffalo Nickels: How to Find Their Value

What Is a Silver Nickel Worth? (More Than You’d Expect)

Buffalo Nickel Values and Price Charts (1913–1938)

15 Most Valuable Jefferson Nickels: Complete Price Guide


What Dimes Are Worth Money?

How Much Is a Silver Dime Worth?

Most Valuable Dimes: Comprehensive List for Collectors

Key Date Barber Dimes: Price Guide

Mercury Dime (1916–1945): Values & History

Roosevelt Dime (1946–date): Values & Historical Background


1965 Quarter Value: Error Coins and History

What's the Value of a 1970 Quarter?

1960s Quarters Worth Money: Collecting Advice

Modern Quarters Worth Money: Prices & Collecting Tips

Simple List of 6 Rare State Quarters Worth Money

Canadian Quarters Worth Money: From 1870 to Today

Half Dollars

1964 Kennedy Half Dollar Values and History

Most Valuable Kennedy Half Dollars

Most Valuable Franklin Half Dollars

Walking Liberty Half Dollar Values (1916–1947)

Silver Dollars

How Much Is a Silver Dollar Worth?

1888 Silver Dollar Value: Key Morgan Dollar Varieties & Prices

1921 Morgan and Peace Silver Dollar Values (Price Charts)

Key Date Peace Dollars: Collecting Guide and Prices

Eisenhower Silver Dollar Values and Price Chart

Susan B. Anthony Dollar: Values and Series Background

Coin Supplies and Accessories

Protecting, organizing, and displaying your coin collection is another enjoyable part of the hobby. Gainesville Coins is thrilled to share our advice and provide necessary supplies to bring out the best in your collection!

Proper Coin Care: Cleaning and Storage

Gift Ideas for Coin Collectors: 8 Affordable Presents They'll Love

Shop for Coin Collecting Supplies at Gainesville Coins

You can also check out our resource hub for investors as well:

Investor Resources for Understanding Gold, Silver, and Precious Metals

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Joseph | 2/17/2024
I have a 1999 Georgia Quarter P circulated with heavy mint errors. Where can I find more info about this type coin?
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Krystal | 8/22/2023
Thank you for such great, thorough and valuable information, ESPECIALLY for me being a newer collector!!
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