2019 Philharmonics Gold Coins

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2019 Philharmonics Gold Coins

Philharmonic Gold Coins, also known as Vienna Philharmonics, are known for their impeccably detailed design. First minted in 1989, the Gold Philharmonics are celebrating their 28th anniversary in 2017.

About The Austrian Mint

The Austrian Mint has a peculiar history. The mint was established over 800 years ago in 1194, after Duke Leopold V received the ransom for King Richard the Lionheart of England. King Richard had disgraced Duke Leopold and the two were at odds. When King Richard was returning from the crusades through Austria, Duke Leopold had taken him hostage. The duke had demanded 12 tonnes of silver for the safe return of the king. Upon receiving his hefty sum, the duke began to produce silver coins and unwittingly started the minting history of Austria.

Minting in Austria began as a rather painstakingly tedious task, with the use of the minting hammer. Later, the use of the rocker press, roller press, and screw press advanced and reduced the tediousness of the minting process. Finally, the use of ring striking even further advanced the Austrian minting process. Today, what is essentially an advanced form of ring striking is used. Up to 750 coins per minute can be made with the modern Austrian striking system.

Background On Philharmonic Gold Bullion Coins

The 2017 Philharmonic Gold Coins continue to represent the Austrian Mint’s gold bullion coin program. The design consistently portrays the instruments in the Philharmonic Orchestra on the obverse and reverse. The obverse of the Vienna Philharmonic Coin is an image of the Great Organ, which is located in the Golden Hall of the Musikverein, where the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra plays.

The Weiner Musikverein, or the Vienna Musikverein is renowned for its world-class music performances. The “Great Hall’s” acoustics are practically immaculate, which is quite incredible, considering that the hall was built before the attribution of acoustics sciences. The building was made to resemble an ancient Greek temple.

The phrase “REPUBLIK OSTERREICH” is on the top of the coin. Underneath the organ is the weight, purity, 2017, and the face value. The reverse of the 2017 Austrian Philharmonic Gold coins have the legend “WEINER PHILHARMONIKER,” which means “Vienna Philharmonic,” above an image of different instruments that make up the orchestra. These different instruments include a string bass, a harp, a bassoon, a Viennese horn, violins, and cellos.

Weights Of The Gold Philharmonic Bullion Coins

The 2017 Vienna Philharmonic Coins are produced in five different weights. These weights include 1/25 ounce, 1 Ounce, 1/4 ounce, 1/2 ounce, and 1 ounce. They also come in denominations of 4 euros, 10 euros, 25 euros, 50 euros, and 100 euros. The denominations correspond to the weight of the coins, respectively, with the 1/25 ounce coins having a face value of 4 euros and the 1 ounce coin having a face value of 100 euros.

The 2017 Philharmonics carry on a strong tradition of quality bullion coins with a high popularity. The Gold Philharmonics, designed to honor the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, continue the tradition of the coins being minted in .9999 fine gold. The bullion series has maintained its popularity in Europe, as well as around the world.