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2019 Canadian Gold Coins

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2019 Canadian Gold Coins

In 1982, the Royal Canadian Mint minted what is considered the first true gold bullion coin. The RCM has been manufacturing quality gold products since 1908 and has been minting coins for other countries since 1970. The .9999 purity gold coins and bars are a trusted gold investment as the weight and purity of the gold and silver bullion coins are guaranteed by the government of Canada.

Royal Canadian Mint Bullion Gold

The Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) has an international reputation for its world-renown technical advancements and its high quality bullion coins. The mint consists of two branches, one in Ottawa, the other in Winnipeg. The Ottawa branch of the RCM was established in 1908. After the establishment of the Ottawa branch, demand for coinage increased and in 1960, a new branch was proposed in Winnipeg. However, this was a controversial proposition as it was believed that all minting facilities should be kept near the capital area. Finally, 68 years later, the Winnipeg branch was opened. The Royal Canadian Mint rebuilt their refinery facility in 1936 to suit their increasingly high demand for refining for British-owned South African gold.

Due to the exquisite refining capacity of the Royal Canadian Mint, Canadian gold bullion coins are seen as a benchmark when it comes to quality bullion products. The Royal Canadian Mint does not sell its gold bars and coins, but they are available for sale from Gainesville Coins.

The 2018 Canadian Gold Maple Leaf And Other Bullion

Canadian Gold Maple Leafs are one of the most popular coins to collect worldwide. The 2013 1-ounce Canadian Gold Maple Leafs were the first to feature two new security features for the gold maples. These new security features include a laser-engraved micro privy-mark on the reverse of the coin. Also included is the new finish, which contains a micro-engraved textured maple leaf with the number "18" for 2018. A special series of Gold Maple Leafs, minted from 2007 to 2009, was even made with .99999 fine gold!