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Australian Silver Kangaroo

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Australian Silver Kangaroo

Both of Australia's major mints produce Silver Kangaroo coins. The Royal Australian Mint has been minting its Silver Kangaroo series since 1993. Unlike most coins, the reverse design of the Silver Kangaroo is altered each year, attracting many collectors to the series. In addition to Proof and Uncirculated issues, Silver Kangaroos have recently been released by the Perth Mint in beautiful colorized and High Relief varieties.

Silver Kangaroos generally come in a 1 troy oz size and are struck from .999 fine silver. They are designated as legal tender with a face value of $1. This series, like Australia's other silver coins featuring the Koala, Kookaburra and Lunar series, is minted in limited quantities. Gainesville Coins offers a wide selection of silver Kangaroos, whether you're interested in buying silver as an investment or are an avid collector. Check out our inventory of Silver Kangaroos and buy your very own today!

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