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canadian silver maple leaf roll
2019 1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf - Roll Of 25 Coins (BU)
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canada voyageur silver special edition
2017 Canada Voyageur 1 oz Silver 150 Special Edition $5 Coin
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canadian silver cent coin troy
Canadian Silver 25 Cent Coin (0.15 troy ounces) - Random Date
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canadian mountie silver dollar silver
1973 Canadian Mountie Silver Dollar (.375 oz of Silver)
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2014 1 oz Canada Silver Bald Eagle - Spotted
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canadian silver dollars
1936 Canadian Silver Dollars
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canada bald eagle coin fractional
2015 Canada Bald Eagle 4-Coin Fractional Silver Proof Set
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Royal Canadian Mint Silver Coins

Canadian Silver Coins are available at Gainesville Coins. Canadian silver coins can be broadly divided between silver coins minted before 1919 and silver coins minted after 1919.

Canadian silver coins minted before 1919 were 92.5% pure silver and were limited to half dollars, quarters and dimes. Silver Half Dollars were minted between 1870-1919, Silver Quarters from 1870-1919, and Silver Dimes from 1858-1919. Silver Half Dollars minted before 1919 have an averages silver weight of .3469 troy ounces, Silver Quarters have an average silver weight of .1734, and Silver Dimes have an average silver weight of 0.0691.

Canadian silver coins minted after 1919 contained 80% silver and 20% copper. Until 1935, only silver half-dollars, quarters and dimes were minted. $1 dollar face value of Canadian silver coins minted between 1920-1967 have an average silver weight of 0.60 troy ounces.

From 1967-1968 Canadian Silver Quarters and Silver Dimes were minted containing 50% silver.