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2019 Lunar Dog Gold Coins

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2019 Lunar Dog Gold Coins

This year represents the year of the goat in the Lunar calendar. One’s lunar year is considered unlucky as it is an insult to Tai Sui, the god of age. "Dog" people should take care to avoid the bad luck that is possible in 2018.

Year Of The Dog Gold Bullion

Celebrate the 2018 Lunar New Year with the beautiful Year of The Dog gold coins! One of the most popular areas that bullion investing and numismatics meet is in collecting gold coins and celebrating the animal avatars of the Chinese lunar calendar. More and more mints are entering the Lunar coin market, but the king of the hill is the Perth Mint in Australia.

The Perth Mint’s first gold lunar coins were struck in 1996, and have grown in popularity every year since. 2018 Year of the Dog gold coins come in bullion, specimen, proof, and colorized versions. The design of the coins may vary, but they depict a loveable pooch (or pooches) on the reverse. They come in many sizes, ranging from the minute but charming 1/20 ounce to the massive and imposing 1 kilogram gold coin.