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1 Oz Gold Bars .9999 Fine (24K) With Assay

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1 Oz Gold Bars .9999 Fine (24K) With Assay

1 oz gold bars are produced by a variety of national and private mints, as well as independent refiners. Each mint or refinery may take creative license with the design and presentation of their gold bars. Some produce gold bars with very detailed and intricate artwork. Others may only stamp their bars with their brand name and the weight and purity of the bar.

Generally, 1 oz gold bars demand a lower premium than 1 oz gold bullion coins. This makes one ounce bars a great way to buy and hold physical gold. This is especially true if you're more interested in the value of the metal, and less interested in collecting coins. Gold bars are refined to be as close to pure (.9999 fine) as possible.

Some 1oz gold bars are packaged inside protective plastic cases. These cases are usually inscribed with an assay certificate. This is a unique identification number which can be used to authenticate an individual gold bar as genuine.