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Roman Empire Gold Coins

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Roman Empire Gold Coins

In the coinage of Ancient Rome, there are two gold pieces that stand out: the aureus and the solidus. These two gold coins were the staples of the Roman Empire's currency system, especially at the height of the empire's power. It was not only a vehicle of commerce but also was used to pay for Rome's greatest expenses, including paying its soldiers. Hence, it's no exaggeration to claim that the gold solidus (as well as a gold coin called an aureus) was crucial to the success and power of Ancient Rome.

In addition to the solidus, the aureus was another important gold coin issued by Roman emperors. Its name is derived from the Latin word for gold, aurum. These coins have become highly collectible and are a great representation of the history of the Roman Empire. Accordingly, Gainesville Coins carries Roman gold coins that have been certified as authentic and graded by the experts at NGC. Now you never have to worry or wonder if the ancient coin you've had your eye on is real or not!

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