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Due to unprecedented demand for gold and silver bullion along with the fluid situation as it relates to COVID-19, all orders may have further extended delays which are past our normal processing time and any already stated product delay dates. We are working around the clock to ship all orders as soon as possible.
Ready to Make Money?
Sell gold, silver, platinum, or palladium, in any amount. You get a quick quote and the best price, no matter how much you sell.
Current Bid Prices
Metal Bid Change  
Gold $1,855.21 -10.77
silver $27.69 -0.17
Platinum $1,153.56 -12.95
Palladium $2,766.83 12.92

Sell Us Your Gold And Silver Coins

Sell your coins and precious metals to Gainesville Coins! We buy gold each and every day and always offer our customers fair prices based on the current market.

Unlike many of our competitors, we have no minimum requirements when selling to us—just like we have no minimum requirements when you purchase from us.

As an active gold buyer, we deal with high volumes of trades, so we can offer small spreads on our buy and sell prices. The same is true when you sell silver bullion to us.

Whether it’s a pocketful of silver coins or an entire truckload of gold bullion bars, let us make you an offer! We buy gold and silver from all around the country, and offer much better prices than a small cash for gold operation.

How To Sell

You can either receive a check or bank wire when you sell to us through the mail. You're also welcome to come visit our showroom in Lutz, Florida if you prefer to conduct business face-to-face.

At Gainesville Coins, Sell To Us is simple.

  1. Browse our Sell List and check the current price for the item(s) you would like to sell. (These prices are subject to fluctuate based on the spot price of the underlying metal until you lock in your sale.)
  2. If you don’t see your item listed, please call (813) 482-9300 to speak to one of our friendly sales representatives who will quote you a competitive price. We are always buying gold and silver, so don't hesitate to contact us if you're planning to sell gold!
  3. Once you've chosen what to sell, fill out a packing slip and include it with your shipment to the address below. It's that easy to turn your gold into cash!

Have More Questions?

What Can I Sell?

Gainesville Coins is always happy to buy your investment-grade precious metals, whether they are in the form of coins, rounds, or bars. This includes gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion.

We are a full-service gold dealer and take pride in being one of the most trusted places to sell gold online. We make competitive offers on numismatic coins, as well.

We do NOT buy jewelry, scrap metal, or base-metal coins, however.

Why Sell To Gainesville Coins?

Gainesville Coins openly publishes our Bid and Ask prices on all eligible items. This gives our customers transparent pricing information when deciding to sell.

We're always upfront about how much we'll pay for any given item when you sell gold and silver to us.

We have a courteous staff of bullion traders and sales representatives. They are here to assist you with every step of the process, ensuring a pleasant and worry-free experience when selling to us.

Whether you're selling or buying gold online or in person, or even if you just want to sell silver in small quantities, we're here to help!

How will I be paid for my items?

You can receive your payment in the form of a check or bank wire. Bank wires require an additional bank wire fee.

How much will Gainesville Coins pay me for my items?

We publish our Bid Price (per troy ounce) for generic gold and silver items on our gold spot price and silver spot price pages. We also list our respective Bid Prices for platinum and palladium.

Keep in mind that precious metal prices fluctuate throughout the day, so we cannot lock in the exact amount you will be paid until we receive the items you would like to sell.

How should I package my items?

  1. Package your items so that they fit securely within the box to prevent damage from the coins clashing together.
  2. Avoid packaging them with anything acidic, such as wood, heavily inked papers, or PVC plastics (i.e. soft plastics).
    Things that are okay to package with your items are:
    • Hard plastic coin cases
    • Shipping peanuts
    • Styrofoam
    • Unmarked paper
  3. Be sure to package your items in a dry environment and prevent any moisture from entering your package, i.e. wet paper or wet styrofoam.
  4. Make sure you print out and include your packing slip with the items you're selling.

How do I create an account?

Simply go to "Create a GC Account" under "LOGIN/REGISTER" in the top-right corner of our home page. This tab can also be found in the same place on each of the web pages on our site.

Enter your email and password and click "Continue." You do not necessarily need an account to place an order online through our website.

Creating an account allows you to save your payment information, track your order, and view a history of your past purchases.

You can call to speak to any of our traders at (813) 482-9300 Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm (EST), if you have more questions about ordering online or setting up an account. You can always order over the phone during normal business hours, as well.