2019 Silver Philharmonics

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2019 Silver Philharmonics

The Silver Philharmonic is Austria's official 1 oz silver bullion coin, incorporating both a beautiful design and precision details in .999 fine silver. It is Europe’s most popular silver coin, and has been traded all across the world since its inception in 2008. The coins have been expertly crafted by the Austrian Mint and serve as a testament to its impressive 800-year history of minting.

Designs Of Austrian Silver Philharmonics

The reverse of the coin is still graced by chief engraver Thomas Pesendorfer’s original design, circa 2008, with its harmonious ensemble of musical instruments, honoring the world-renowned Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. On the obverse of each coin is the imposing "Great Pipe Organ" of Vienna's Golden Concert Hall, home of the Vienna Philharmonic. These silver coins have a designated face value of 1.5 Euros, making them legal tender, but they are bought and traded on the basis of their one troy ounce of fine silver content. The same design is also found on the Austrian Gold Philharmonic coins.

Buying Silver Philharmonics In Bulk

Here at Gainesville Coins, we offer Brilliant Uncirculated 2018 Silver Philharmonics in several different bulk quantities for customers interested in accumulating silver bullion quickly. Choose from mint-sealed “Monster Boxes” of 500 coins, mint rolls of 20 coins, or these coins can simply be purchased individually. Take your pick!

Purchasing Silver Philharmonics

Gainesville Coins has carried the Silver Austrian Philharmonic since it was first released back in 2008, and we continue to proudly carry these coins today. The trust and confidence they engender is an important part of Silver Philharmonics’ wide popularity, as traders and investors know the coin is readily bought and sold for its silver content. Even with this great degree of trust in the Silver Philharmonic series, these coins are still often available for a low premium over the spot price of their 1 troy ounce of silver.

Unlike other dealers that require you to call in to find out prices, here at Gainesville Coins you can find live prices on the 2018 Silver Philharmonics listed for sale right on our website. Although spot prices fluctuate throughout the day while markets are open (until 5:15 PM EDT) and you must lock-in the spot price of your order prior to finalizing the purchase, we always list the real-time spot prices live on our home page. All the pricing information you need is available at no charge, requiring no high-pressure sales call, directly on our website 24 hours a day!