The Guy Harvey© Collection of Silver Rounds and Bars | Gainesville Coins ®

Guy Harvey

Guy Harvey© is perhaps the world's best-known underwater photographer and marine wildlife artist. Holding a doctorate in Marine Biology, he has also been a long-time advocate of "catch and release" and marine conservation. A tenth generation Jamaican native of British descent, his love of the sea was established early on, with many fishing trips and scuba dives in the Caribbean with his father.

Gainesville Coins is privileged to have the chance to partner with Mr. Harvey to bring his artwork to a new medium - precious metals. The centerpiece of the Guy Harvey© Collection of silver rounds and bars will be four series of bullion, proof, and colorized proof rounds. Each series will use his artwork to focus on a different marine animal, with the proof and colorized rounds being limited to 1,500 numbered examples. Series 1 showcases the breathtaking Blue Marlin.