Ichthus Copper Round 1 AVDP Ounce

ichthus copper round avdp
ichthus copper round avdp
ichthus copper round avdp
ichthus copper round avdp
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Product Highlight:

  • One Standard Oz of .999 fine (99.9% pure) copper
  • Features One of the Earliest Christian Symbols - The Fish
  • Greek Word For Fish (??T?S) Also Initials Of Prayer
  • "Iesous Christos Theou Yios Soter"
  • Translation Is "Jesus Christ Son of God Savior"
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Buy Ichthus Copper Round 1 AVDP Ounce

Many people are familiar with the Christian symbol of the fish, often used to represent the Savior Jesus Christ. While this insignia is highly recognizable, and is often seen on jewelry and car bumpers, most people don't realize that this fish image is known as the "Ichthus" in Greek. You can represent your devotion to Christianity with these Ichthus 1 AVDP Ounce Copper Rounds from Gainesville Coins. These .999 fine copper rounds each contain 1 avoirdupois (AVP or AVDP) ounce of pure copper.

The front design of the round features the Ichthus symbol, a simple depiction of a fish with the cross in place of its eye. A radiant sunburst is visible in the background behind the fish, creating an appealing visual effect. In an outer ring around the rim, the weight "1 Ounce" and composition "AVP Copper" are inscribed to the bottom-left and bottom-right, respectively. The Greek characters for "Ichthus" are placed at the bottom rim, while the inscription "Jesus Christ Son of God Savior" runs across the top rim.

The back side is graced by the verse John 3:16 from Biblical scripture. The verse reads, "For God so love the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." At the top of the design, a crucifix is shown in the distance at the horizon, while brilliant light radiates from the cross throughout the background. Each round features a Brilliant Uncirculated finish.

Copper rounds are a low-cost way to invest in a tangible asset like bullion that can help diversify your investment portfolio. They also make inexpensive gifts that combine artistic beauty with a meaningful message. Whether you're giving them as gifts or are interested in sharing your religious faith, purchase these Ichthus 1 AVDP oz Copper Rounds for competitive pricing from Gainesville Coins, your online leader for all of your bullion needs!

ichthus copper round avdp


Actual Metal Weight
0.9115 ozt
Mint Name
Private Mint
39 mm
2.7 mm

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The Actual Round Looks Far Better Than The photo!
Friday, October 2, 2015
In case you hesitate because of the photo on Gainesville's site, don't. The copper round is a lot brighter and shinier than the photo on this site. Put it in a capsule and it makes a great giveaway gift.
8 of 8 people found this helpful
Ichthus Copper Round
Monday, July 20, 2015
Like the Silver Ichthus round, this also has a beautiful message and great details on both sides. I have ordered several dozen and the plastic capsules to give out as "Gospel Tracts." Also, like the Silver Ichthus, this has become my favorite Copper Round. Thanks, Gainesville Coins!
9 of 10 people found this helpful