Who is on the U.S. quarter?

George Washington, 1st U.S. president.

1970 washington quarter

25-cent quarter coin featuring President George Washington. Designer: John Flanagan

George Washington remains perhaps the most famous of the Founding Fathers, serving as the general of the Continental Army that prevailed in the Revolutionary War. Washington's profile has been featured in the 25-cent coin since 1932. It was a one-year commemorative design that was so popular, it ended up sticking around.

Another design of Washington (shown below) by Laura Gardin Fraser circa the 1930s is now being used on the American Women quarters.

Washington quarter reverse designs:

  • American Women series (2021–2025)
  • America the Beautiful series (2010–2021)
  • 50 State Quarters & Territories series (1999–2009)
  • Heraldic eagle (1932–1998)
2022 american women quarters coin uncirculated obverse philadelphia 768x768

American Women quarters common obverse design. Designer: Laura Gardin Fraser, wife of Buffalo nickel designer James Earle Fraser


  • Quarters are typically the coin denomination that sees the widest circulation (i.e. most usage).
  • The denomination is so popular in commerce that vending machines in North America are primarily designed for accepting quarters.
  • Quarters were often referred to as "two bits"—a holdover from the use of Spanish 8 reales silver coins, or "pieces of eight," wherein two pieces (or bits) of the Spanish silver dollar were equal to 25 cents.

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