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Silver Bars

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mason mint silver bar fine
10 oz Mason Mint Silver Bar (.999 Fine)
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silver bar random design pure
10 oz Silver Bar - Random Design (.999 Pure)
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silver bar pure silver generic
1 oz Silver Bar .999 Pure Silver - Generic
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silver bar fine engelhard
100 ounce Silver Bar .999 Fine (Engelhard)
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silver bar pure silver generic
100 oz Silver Bar .999 Pure Silver - Generic
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name brand silver bar fine
100 Ounce Name Brand Silver Bar .999 Fine (Engelhard/Johnson M...
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poured silver heart trident silver
1/2 oz Poured Silver Heart - Trident Silver (.999 Pure)
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poured silver heart trident silver
1 oz Poured Silver Heart - Trident Silver (.999 Pure)
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poured silver cross trident silver
1 oz Poured Silver Cross - Trident Silver (.999 Pure)
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romanesque cross silver bar pamp
Romanesque Cross 1 oz Silver Bar Pamp Suisse - Faith Series
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silver bars pure silver generic
5 oz Silver Bars .999 Pure Silver - Generic
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Silver Bars

Silver bars come in all sorts of styles and sizes, and are some of the most affordable precious metal products on the market. This is why they are often chosen as a tangible investment to help diversify an investment portfolio that already includes stocks and other assets.

Like modern silver bullion coins, or even silver rounds, silver bars and ingots are no longer intended to be used as money (currency) in cash transactions. Instead, their value is for investing in an industrial commodity and safe-haven asset.

About Generic Silver Bars

Generic silver bars typically carry lower premium relative to silver's spot price (or melt value, sometimes shown as the ticker symbol XAG), as compared to government issued silver bullion. They are produced by privately owned refineries whose business is mainly silver bar manufacture. Aside from affordability, they are often a more widely available investment option than the more exclusive silver bullion bar inventory of most dealers.

For those looking to buy silver bars for its silver content rather than the notoriety of a brand name, buying these generic bars is a more economic option. With a wide selection to choose from and various sizes available at Gainesville Coins, your choice can be as easy as one simple click on our online shopping site.

Sizes of Silver Bars

Typically, silver investors are first interested in the weight of a bar. The Good Delivery Bars used by bullion banks can even weigh 1,000 troy ounces.

Here at Gainesville Coins, we have an extensive collection of generic silver bars available for purchase. Our generic silver bars range in size from 1 gram to 100 oz, including 1 kilogram bars (32.15 troy oz).

The smaller silver bar sizes, like the 1 ounce Silver Bar, are suited for both novice buyers and seasoned investors as they are particularly easy to buy and sell.

Our selection of sizes also includes 10 oz bars. With their reasonable pricing and 10 troy ounces of 99.9% pure silver content, these bars have become a favorite among consumers. The 10 oz bars also tend to carry a lower premium than the smaller sized bars. They make storage very easily and are suitable for those who choose to secure their silver in a safe deposit box.

Generic silver bullion bars are generally rectangular in shape, and may be either cast bars or traditional poured bars.

Our 100 oz bars are prominent among those looking to buy silver in bulk. It's one of the most convenient ways for an investor to acquire a large quantity of silver possessing .999 fine quality. Instead of purchasing 100 1 oz bars you can buy one brick of physical silver, carried at a lower premium to the 1 oz bars. Despite its large size, the 100 oz bars are easy to store and can be easily traded due to its high silver content.

Name Brand Silver Bars

Silver collectors might also treat themselves to our wide selection of name brand bars. Our collection spans from private refiners, like PAMP Suisse, Engelhard, Credit Suisse, Sunshine Mint, and Johnson Matthey, to silver ingots from government mints such as the Royal Canadian Mint and Perth Mint silver. Gainesville Coins prides itself on offering a wide array of these bars and covering all of a customer’s precious metal needs.

Each one of the aforementioned manufacturers has cultivated a reputation for offering a high quality silver bullion product, including those from Switzerland (PAMP Suisse and Credit Suisse). In their pursuits to cater to their customers they have begun efforts to expand upon their original goal of stacking low premium silver by tracking down examples of discontinued vintage bars from Engelhard and Johnson Matthey.

Art Bars

The U.S ceased minting silver coins in 1964, due to the rising cost of raw silver. This led to accelerated hoarding and melting of the silver coinage in circulation, and left citizens with no ready way to collect silver as an inflation hedge. Private companies entered the market by making collectible bullion bars and silver art bars.

Other factors to consider with art bars and name-brand bars is their higher production cost, which is why these products typically have higher premiums (i.e. spread over the spot market).

Led by the Foster Company in 1969, many private mints began marketing collectible silver art bars, art rounds, and medals depicting every conceivable subject to the public. Many of these collectibles went into the melting pot when silver prices spiked in 1979, leaving a limited number for present day collectors.

Silver art bars are a thriving market today as people look to them not only for accumulating bullion, but for the aesthetic value of their designs as well. Gainesville Coins has more than four decades of experience as a precious metals dealer and is proud to be an authorized distributor for several major mints. Our selection includes an exceptional variety shapes from skulls to crosses, and everything in between. Our art bars are sure to provide an added dimension to collection!