Top Ten World Coins for Investors

Top Ten World Coins for Investors

By Gainesville Coins
Published November 09, 2009

In the face of economic uncertainty, precious metals make safe and stable investments. Global standardization of grading, weight, and purity standards in the coin industry have also made it increasingly easier for precious metals investors to make educated coin purchases. Thus international coins have enjoyed greater popularity among coin collectors who want valuable and reliable investments. While the collection opportunities for world coins are essentially limitless, ten coins have come to stand out as exceptional investments:

                    **Krugerrand:** As the first gold coins minted specifically to

promote private gold investment, South Africa’s Krugerrands have been tremendously successful. Because they were minted for circulation, they are made of a durable alloy, so damage induced by handling is rare. These coins tend to maintain quality and offer exceptional value. * Australian Lunar Series: This Perth Mint series is accessible to collectors and investors at any price point, because it includes coins in a variety of sizes, up to 10 kilo. Minted in gold or silver, the coins honor the tradition of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. The whimsical designs, historical interest, and longevity of the Australian Lunar Series have made these coins extremely popular among coin collectors and investors. * **Mexican Peso: **Also known as the Centenario, the Mexican Peso was first issued in 1921 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Mexico’s independence. The finely etched symbols on the coin represent Mexico’s Mayan and colonial roots. * Austrian Philharmonic: The breathtaking design of these coins honors the rich musical tradition of Vienna. Minted in both gold and silver, the Austrian Philharmonic coins continue the tradition of the Austrian 100 Corona coin. Austrian Philharmonic coins can often be purchased in large quantities, for more serious investors. * Canadian Maple Leaf: A practical investment, Canadian Maple Leaf coins can be bought at a low premium. Traded on the world market since 1979, the Canadian Maple Leaf was the first coin with a guaranteed 99.99% purity. * **Chinese Panda: **Commemorating China’s most recognized wildlife, the Chinese Panda coins are minted in both gold and silver. With a new design virtually every year, Chinese Panda coins are also available in collector’s sets. These coins are considered so beautiful that they are often reworked into jewelry. * **British Sovereign: **First issued in 1489, British Sovereigns have been issued in many designs over the centuries. Common date British Sovereigns, which prominently feature portraits of British Sovereigns, bear the Coat of Arms and Tudor roses on their reverse. British Sovereigns have intermittently been minted in proof quality only. * Swiss 20 Francs: Regarded as the “universal currency,” the Swiss 20 Franc has been struck since 1492. Common dates of this coin are 1897 t0 1935. The Swiss 20 Franc bears a portrait of Swiss Miss on the obverse, and a Swiss cross on the reverse. * French Rooster: Reasonably priced and relatively common, French Rooster coins bear the rooster, a symbol of French pride and liberty, on their reverse. The Lady Liberty is on the coin’s obverse. French Rooster Coins are widely known for their low premiums, which makes them an excellent investment option. * Japanese Shimane: To honor the 60th anniversary of the country’s prefecture system, Japan issued a coin in honor of each prefecture. Shimane’s coin features a lovely colorized floral backdrop and an etching of the oval-shaped coins minted in the 16th century at the Iwami Ginzan silver mine.

Coins from all over the globe offer investors a unique opportunity to gain extraordinary value from exceptionally crafted coins. An affordable and unique way to enter the precious metals market, investing in world coins offers solid returns for discerning investors.

            *This information is provided for general reference purposes and does not constitute

professional advice. For detailed coin collecting or investing information, please consult with a professional expert.*

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