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Real Pirates of the Caribbean 99.9% Pure Silver Coin Set

Made of 99.9% pure silver by the New Zealand Mint especially for Gainesville Coins, the four-coin "Real Pirates of the Caribbean" Proof Silver Coin Set features artist's interpretations of four famous real-life pirates in full-color detail.  This set features Edward "Blackbeard" Teach, "Calico Jack" Rackham with his famous female pirate crew of Anne Bonny and Mary Read, Bartholomew "Dread Pirate" Roberts, and Henry Avery, proclaimed by his peers as "King of the Pirates" and who pulled off the biggest pirate raid in history and was never captured.

These four 1 oz proof silver coins come in a custom wooden "treasure chest" with certificate of authenticity and silver "skull and crossbones" necklace. Mintage was limited to only 2,000 sets!

real pirates of the caribbean silver coins

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