The Perth Mint “Great Warrior Series”: The Viking

The Perth Mint of Australia recently released “The Viking” – the second in its highly celebrated, 4-coin “warrior” themed series. These releases have been dubbed “The Great Warrior Coin Series” because each coin will feature the depiction of a renowned class of warrior from the pages of history on its reverse.

The second coin, named “The Viking” features on its obverse the Raphael Maklouf effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, while the reverse appears a full-color depiction of the feared Scandinavian warrior of old, the Viking. Per the Perth Mint, the “design shows a Viking warrior gripping a Dane Axe in both hands. The weapons’ forged heads are decorated to denote the user’s wealth and status. In battle, Vikings wore iron helmets, which in contrast to popular belief did not have horns. Wealthy Viking warriors could also afford a chain mail shirt, which would have been extremely labor-intensive to make.

The Viking was known to be a fierce and ruthless raider by any who crossed his path. Beginning in the 700s, Vikings travelled via their legendary “longships” as far East as the Black Sea, and as far West as Newfoundland. They typically plundered the lands they discovered, then returned later to colonize them. The Vikings are credited with having discovered North America.

The next two coins to be released as part of this collection will feature the “Knight” of English lore, then the Japanese Samurai. The first of the Great Warrior coin series featured was called “The Roman Legionary Coin,” and featured a traditional Roman soldier dressed in a galea, a cuirass and caligae.

Each of the Great Warrior coins is struck in proof quality of 99.99% pure silver. They measure 40.60 x 4 mm, and weigh 1 oz. each. This composition has earned the coins the status of legal tender in the island nation of Tuvalu. They have a face value of $1 Dollar.

The coins are individually housed in a presentation case complete with illustrated shipper. Because each of the coins in the series is produced in limited mintage of only 5,000 units, they will be shipped with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

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