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Limited Mintage Coins

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Limited Mintage Coins

Are you a collector who is truly interested in scarcity and likes expanding into new and exciting coins that you don’t see every day? Then there is no doubt that limited-mintage coins are the right area of the hobby for you!

Not all collectible coins are equal—at least when it comes to mintage figures. In other words, different collectibles are minted in the same numbers. Some of them have no mintage limit, and simply are produced to meet collector demand (like the American Silver Eagle Proof coin). More often, government mints place some maximum cap on how many of a certain coin design will be issued. This can range from a limit of 1,000,000 coins (considered pretty low) to as tiny as just a few hundred (considered exceptionally low)!

There are also often series of limited mintage silver coins that share a common theme and certain design features, but offer unique versions of that theme. For example, there are both Gladiatrix and Provocator coin issues within Fiji’s Gladiator series of 1-ounce silver coins.