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Major Government Mints
Around the World

Although it's true that American coin collectors mainly focus the hobby on U.S. Mint products (whether historical or modern), the U.S. Mint is far from the only major mint around the world that strikes gold and silver bullion coins. While it is on the cutting edge of minting techniques today, the U.S. Mint even owes its early existence in the 1800s to the expertise of French and British coiners. Today, this same spirit of sharing knowledge about minting is strong throughout the world, with the Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint, New Zealand Mint, and other government mints continuing to strike coins for smaller countries. Read below for more about each of the world's most prestigious state mints!

Austrian Mint

“The Mint Built by a Medieval Ransom”

Austrian Mint

The founding of the Austrian Mint is surrounded by the intriguing history of the kidnapping of Richard the Lionheart by Duke Leopold V of Austria. He spent all of the year 1193 C.E. in captivity. The ransom paid (in silver, of course) by King Richard the Lionheart to secure his release was so grandiose, it was enough to start the Austrian Mint and begin striking thousands of silver coins!

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Bavarian State Mint

“A Centuries-Old Mint”

Bavarian State Mint

The Bavarian Mint, currently considered the earliest company in Munich, is one of the most famous purveyors of outstanding bullion. The Bavarian Mint is the one of the leading producers of commemorative and circulating euros. The mint provides quality coins and bullion to Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Somalia, and Israel among other countries.

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La Casa de Moneda (de México)

“The Oldest Mint on the American Continents”

La Casa de Moneda de México

The Casa de Moneda de México was established in 1535 and is the earliest dated precious metal refinery in the Americas! The Casa de Moneda was officially renamed under the Bank of Mexico in 1925. With the longest history of elegant metalworking, the Casa de Moneda de México is still a well-trusted mint after 500 years.

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La Monnaie de Paris

“More than One Thousand Years of Minting”

La Monnaie de Paris

In 2014, La Monnaie de Paris celebrated 1,150 years of coining precious metals. The mint produces collector coins, legal tender, original decorations and medals. Most famously known for its artististic designs, it’s remarkable that the Monnaie de Paris has been producing exquisite works of medallic art for the past thousand years.

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Mint of Poland

“Surviving the Rugged Journey”

Mint of Poland

The Mint of Poland has made it through the tumultuous times of World War II and has resiliently been able to produce some of the world’s most impressive and innovative coins. The original goal of the Mint of Poland was to produce among the most beautiful coins in Europe. Indeed, creative coin designs from the Mint of Poland are globally famous.

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New Zealand Mint

“The Minters of the South Pacific”

New Zealand Mint

The New Zealand Mint is a world-leading provider of quality precious metals and bullion products. The mint was among the first to adopt the .9999 fine quality of gold and, living up to their billing as the “Minters of the South Pacific,” has some of the most experienced employees in the business.

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Perth Mint

"Carrying the Legacy of the Australian Gold Rush"

Perth Mint

Thanks to the fantastic amounts of gold discovered in the province of Western Australia during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the Perth Mint has steadily grown into one of the world's most prolific and well-respected government mints. It produces several different series of gold and silver bullion coins that have gained widespread popularity for their annually updated reverse designs. The Perth Mint is also one of the most active national mints in minting platinum coins, as well. With its reputation for precious metals expertise and attractive collectible coin series, Perth Mint has greatly expanded it appeal to both investors and coin collectors worldwide.

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Royal Canadian Mint

“The Awe-Inspiring Royal Canadian Mint”

Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint holds the Guinness world record for the largest coin in the world. The Mint produced a 100 kg (approx. 220 pounds) $1 million face value pure gold coin! It is also known for its attention to detail on its fine precious metal products, offering some of the most advanced bullion security features in the industry. For many collectors, the Royal Canadian Mint is also a go-to for fine semi-numismatic bullion coins.

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The Central Mint of the People’s Bank of China

“The State Mint for the World’s Most Populous Nation”

Bank of China

Especially since the 1980s, China’s Central Mint has been active in minting gold, silver, and even platinum bullion coins for investors and collectors from all over the world. The Gold Panda series of coins has exploded in popularity over the last decade, in part due to its relatively low mintages and lower availability outside of Asia. China’s mint artists have recently expanded into more innovative, artistic, and commemorative coins, as well.

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The Rand Refinery

"South Africa's National Mint is World's Largest"

The Rand Refinery

It should come as no surprise that the Rand Refinery in South Africa houses the most impressive (by size) refinery for precious metals on the planet: the Witwatersrand region of the country where it's located has some of the richest gold reserves known to humankind, producing nearly half of the tonnage of gold mined in all of human history--and that's only over the last 100 years! The flagship product of the Rand Refinery is undoubtedly the Krugerrand, South Africa's official gold bullion coin made for international trade and investment.

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The Royal Mint (U.K.)

“The Traditional Standard in Coinage”

The Royal Mint

Great Britain’s The Royal Mint is steeped in as much history as any other minting facility in the world, perhaps more. Its thousand-year legacy as the central coiner for the expansive British Empire is not lost on coin collectors, who keep the mint’s flagship Gold Sovereign coins (both modern and from antiquity) in constant demand. The Royal Mint has the vision “to be recognized as the best mint in the world,” and the high quality of its collectible and bullion coins attests to this vision.

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Turkish State Mint

“A Global Leader in Gold Coin Sales”

Turkish State Mint

The Turkish State Mint issues more gold coins annually than any other entity on the planet. The coins come in two forms: the decorative Ziynet and the bullion Meskük varieties. Many are surprised to find that Turkey mints so many gold coins largely because these government-issued gold coins are almost entirely consumed by the Turkish public, with very few making it out of the country. Not only do these gold coins allow Turkish citizens the opportunity to protect their wealth with physical gold, the more ornate Ziynet coins are a cultural marker, designed to be worn on clothes as a distinguished accessory.

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