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90% Silver Coins - $1000 in Face Value (coins may consist of quarters, dimes, or halves)

silver coins $1000 face value
silver coins $1000 face value
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Buy 90% Silver Coins - $1000 in Face Value (coins may consist of quarters, dimes, or halves)

Buying Pre-1965 US Silver Coins is a great way to acquire silver that is not only legal tender, but has a low premium over spot. That lower expense compared to purchasing 1 oz bullion coins can lead to substantial savings when buying larger quantities of silver and numismatic appearance is not a concern. When making bulk purchases of "junk silver", keep in mind that US legal tender coins are exempt from sales tax leading to substantial additional savings.

For the person looking for bulk quantities of pre-1965 US silver coins, Gainesville Coins offers a $1000 Face Value Bag of 90% Silver Coins. This bulk bag of coins will contain random percentages of 90% silver US dimes, quarters and/or half dollars of various types, adding up to $1,000 in face value. The United States ceased production of 90% silver coins in 1965, when silver bullion prices exceeded the face value of the coins, leading many thousands being melted down.

The face value of the US 90% silver coins compared to their silver content works out so that $1 of coins, no matter what combination, contains .715 oz of silver. Your heavy-duty plastic bag of assorted US silver coins will have a combined face value of $1,000, for a massive 715 oz of silver.

Stock photo is for reference only. Date and condition are chosen randomly from available inventory. Order could consist of any combination of pre-1965 dimes, quarters and/or halves.

silver coins $1000 face value


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United States Mint

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