United States Mint Silver Coins For Sale

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United States Mint Silver Coins For Sale

When you purchase United States silver coins from Gainesville Coins, the buying process is simple. You can pay by check, credit card, bank wire, or even cryptocurrency. There is no minimum order size.

We make it easy to buy silver online. Prices will be locked in at the time you place your order. If one of our products is unavailable, you can sign up to be alerted as soon as they are available again.

You can either receive your metals through the mail or keep your metals in storage in our vault. If you choose mail delivery, rest assured that all packages are fully insured.

What Are U.S. Silver Coins?

Silver coins from the United States Mint come in several forms. They include:

  • old 90% silver coins minted before 1965 (commonly called "junk silver")
  • commemorative silver coins made for collectors
  • silver bullion coins like the American Silver Eagle

The first category also includes silver dollars, such as the highly sought-after Morgan dollar. Some silver stackers might include the short-lived 40% silver coins and 35% silver "war nickels" under the junk silver umbrella, as well.

Read more about junk silver with these must-know facts about 90% silver coins.

While commemorative coins are generally only made during a single year, the Silver Eagle is an annual release that the mint distributes to wholesalers every year since 1986.

Buying U.S. Mint Silver Coins

Browse among the many silver bullion products from the U.S. Mint. Gainesville Coins carries a wide variety of Silver Eagles, Junk Silver, Morgan and Peace Dollars as well as a number of specialty and collectible US coins.

We get New Arrivals in our inventory every single day. We also run Daily Deals each day of discounted items for sale at clearance prices. Follow the links to check them out!

View all of the silver coins and silver bars for sale at Gainesville Coins.

You can also read more about the United States Mint and other major coin mints on our blog by following the link.