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Gainesville Coins has the best price on American Silver Eagle coins at just $4.50 over spot (at the time of writing). I encourage you to shop around and confirm this! You won't find a better price for Silver Eagles anywhere else.

2004 w proof american silver eagle

The American Silver Eagle features the iconic "Walking Liberty" design.

How Silver Pricing Works

Many investors wonder why they can't buy silver at the spot price. In other words, they want to buy silver for the lowest possible cost. This is understandable—but is unfortunately near impossible.

There are always labor costs and manufacturing costs associated with striking a piece of silver with a design. Mints incur an expenditure for the energy required to refine silver to 99.9% purity. As a result, every silver product will be priced at a small premium above the silver spot price. The premium price remains a fixed amount above the fluctuating silver spot price.

The premium above spot is usually a bit higher for legal tender coins than for silver bars and silver rounds. This is certainly true of American Silver Eagle coins. The main reasons for the slightly higher price on silver coins are the higher quality of their designs and the trust associated with their government-issued status.

Silver Eagles are the most trusted and most beloved silver bullion coins in the world today. As such, they are typically more expensive than comparable 1 oz silver coins. Premiums tend to be modestly lower for the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, for example.

American Silver Eagle Prices Are Normalizing

After the COVID-19 pandemic began, the premium on Silver Eagles skyrocketed due to two simultaneous factors:

  • 1) severe impairment to normal silver supply chains;
  • 2) surging demand for silver bullion as the economy shut down.
  • Rather than the normal premium of about 15%, the price over spot for a Silver Eagle jumped as high as a 100% premium. That means the coins cost double the price for one troy ounce of silver! Historically, those prices were unprecedented. This situation persisted for several years as the return to normal functioning of supply chains remained a slow process.

    Now, four years later, although there is still a relative scarcity of silver available for investment and demand for silver coins is as strong as ever, the price for Silver Eagles has largely gone back to pre-pandemic levels.

    2006 p reverse proof american silver eagle

    Silver Eagles also come in special-edition proof and reverse proof varieties for collectors.

    The Truth About "Free" Shipping

    Many online silver dealers will advertise that they offer "free shipping." In reality, there is no such thing! The cost of shipping is simply baked in to the price of the silver product.

    Ultimately, as any Economics 101 textbook will tell you, there is no such thing as a free lunch. So it is with shipping precious metals. Somebody has to pay the postal service or mail carrier—and it's going to be you, even with so-called "free" shipping offers.

    The fact of the matter is that Gainesville Coins still has the lowest prices on silver bullion and American Silver Eagles when shipping costs are included.

    More About Silver Eagles

    The Liberty Coin Act of 1985 authorized the United States Mint to issue bullion coins made of gold, silver, and later platinum. Thus the Silver Eagle series was born in 1986. Its silver content is one troy ounce of pure silver, and it is struck from .999 fine silver.

    The coins are struck at the West Point Mint, San Francisco Mint, and sometimes the Philadelphia Mint. Each Silver Eagle is given a legal tender face value of one dollar, although the metals in the coin are worth significantly more. As legal tender coins, the Silver Eagle is eligible for inclusion in individual retirement accounts (IRAs).

    The iconic design on the obverse side of the coin is adapted from the work of A.A. Weinman from the Walking Liberty half dollar. Lady Liberty is shown beckoning toward the rising sun. She carries an oak branch and is draped in an American flag. The reverse design originally featured an heraldic eagle. It has since been replaced with a flying eagle carrying an olive branch.

    Coin collectors and the investing public alike continue to buy Silver Eagle coins in large quantities. It is trusted as the official silver bullion coin of the United States of America.

    Find Great Deals on American Silver Eagles!

    You can shop for American Silver Eagles at Gainesville Coins by following the link. You can also purchase Silver Eagles by clicking on the product listings below. Accepted payment methods include check, credit cards, or bank wire.

    You can choose from American Silver Eagle tubes of 20 coins, a Silver Eagles Monster Box of 500 coins, or individual coins. These include the current year and random year backdates.

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