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Precious Metal Learning Center

Use our Learning Center to research coins descriptions and facts. Today’s precious metals collectors face an ever growing range of choices when accumulating a precious metals portfolio. Gainesville Coins’ Learning Center was designed to simplify the task of researching among the wide-array of precious metal bars and coins available.

Coin enthusiasts considering purchasing precious metal are encouraged to utilize the Learning Center. Making the right bullion choice is important, and the Learning Center can be a powerful tool empowering the individual precious metal collector. Each coin or category provides users with a relevant description, mintage, purity, weight, legal tender, obverse design, reverse design, and more.

The Gainesville Coins Learning Center is an ongoing work in progress. Check back to see new additions and expansions as they happen.

Investing In Precious Metals

No matter how old or young they are, everyone eventually arrives at the point where they begin to think about (and plan for) their retirement. This is the time when we decide what investments to make. The first thing that you’ll realize is there are an unbelievably diverse array of investment vehicles, with many different asset classes to choose from. Precious metals are just one among these investment options, though conventional investing wisdom recommends adding diversity to one’s investment portfolio with a 5% to 10% allocation in gold.

The Cultural Significance of Gold

Gold Stacks

Over the broad span of history, gold's importance to humankind has been predominantly conceptual or symbolic. It is only very recently that gold has been used in industrial applications, and this still only accounts for about 12% of the world's annual gold consumption. Gold is eternal, incorruptible, and virtually indestructible. It is truly a commodity unlike any other. It follows that for most cultures, gold lends itself to representations of eternity, purity, and wealth preservation.

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Beginner's Guide To Precious Metals

Introduction to precious metals

If you’re new to the world of precious metals and rare coins, this is the place to start. This helpful guide walks you through some of the essential concepts you’ll encounter when buying precious metals or collecting gold and silver coins. In addition to outlining some fundamental topics relating to coins, this guide for beginners also includes a glossary of important terms to help you gain a working understanding of the specialized language of the fields of numismatics and personal finance.

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Investing In Precious Metals

U.S. Mint Coins

Why invest in precious metals? You may be familiar with the association between finance and precious metals like gold and silver bullion. But why is gold (as well as silver, copper, and the Platinum Group Metals, platinum and palladium) so closely connected to personal wealth? Investing in gold has become steadily more popular with the quickening pace of financial crises around the world over the last decade, as many investors choose bullion as a defense against the value-eroding effects of inflation.

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World Mints

Although the U.S. Mint has a formidable history of producing coins, it is far from the only major government mint in the world. Its state mint counterparts like the Royal Canadian Mint, the Perth Mint (Australia), and the Royal Mint (U.K.) are also prolific in the promotion and distribution of their gold and silver bullion coin programs.

Featured: Old U.S. Coins

old us mint coins

The United States has only been a sovereign state for about 250 years, far shorter than many of her prominent counterparts around the world. Nonetheless, in those two-and-a-half centuries, the U.S. has produced one of the most impressive numismatic records of any civilization in human history.

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U.S. Mint

The United States Mint is the world’s most trusted government mint, serving the American public for over 200 years. It has also earned the esteem of its peers around the world, providing fully guaranteed gold and silver coins for coin collectors both young and old. These U.S. Mint coins come in a wide selection of designs and sizes, giving collectors an array of choices and allowing precious metal investors to protect their wealth with gold and silver.

Coin Collecting

Copy on Silver Rounds

The Hobby Protection Act And How It Affects Silver Rounds

On December 19, 2014, President Obama signed into law the Collectible Coin Protection Act, which amended the Hobby Protection Act to provide protection against fake “slabs,” or certification of coins.

One of the additional effects of this measure was to tighten terminology over sale and distribution of “imitation numismatic items.” Recent rulings have included items of different metal content and/or different size under this definition.

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Metal Detecting

Other Equipment for the Gold Prospector

Beginning Tips for Metal Detecting

Metal detecting is a fascinating hobby (some say “sport”) that is gaining more and more attention, due to TV shows like “Diggers” and news reports of recovered treasures. Metal detectors are used by construction crews to find buried pipes and cables before digging, by coin hunters in local parks and playgrounds, by gold prospectors looking for nuggets, people searching old settlements for relics, and even by archaeologists looking for ancient buried ruins.

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Precious Metal Glossary

A highly pure form of gold, silver, or platinum that is used as a commodity or investment product
A monetary unit that is issued by a governing authority for the settlement of debts or the transfer of value
The value of the metal content of a precious metal object, regardless of workmanship or rarity. The raw value of an object if it were melted down. Metal value is usually only calculated on the precious metal content of an item. For example, the melt value of a sterling silver coin only takes into account the 92.5% silver content of the coin, and ignores the 7.5% copper content.

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Did You Know?

Interview With Dr. Guy Harvey

Dr. Guy Harvey is a self-made artist, an accomplished marine scientist who is heavily involved in conservation efforts, as well as a successful business owner. His brand has become widely recognized throughout the country, and indeed in far-flung destinations around the world.

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Five Outrageous Ransoms Paid in Gold and Silver

From Julius Caesar to King Richard, kidnappers have tried to extort money from the leaders of the world. “Give me liberty or give me death,” Naw…these five rulers just paid the bill. Whether the kidnappers asked for Crowns, Marks, Merks, or Talents, they were given what they asked for. Heavy is the head, and the wallet, of the one that wears the crown. How heavy you ask? You’re going to have to read more to find out.

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Coin Experts Reveal Which Coins They Covet Most of All

We wanted to know what the most coveted coins on the market are right now. So we asked 26 coin experts and dealers a simple question. “If you could ONLY have 3 gold coins or silver coins, which would they be, and why?”

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What Is the Difference Between Coins and Rounds?

Many first-time gold and silver investors are surprised to find that there are several different forms that precious metals are sold in. The uninitiated are usually only familiar with the brick-shaped bars that are stored in bank vaults, or various forms of jewelry.

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Assessing the Potential Risk of a Greek Default

Learn about the ongoing economic crisis in Greece with this helpful infographic. Find out the many potential risks of Greece defaulting on its loans.

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