Until the 20th century, historical figures never appeared on U.S. coins. Instead, American coins usually portrayed an allegorical Lady Liberty rather than any real person.

That tradition changed in 1909 with the first Lincoln penny. By 1971, all six coin denominations in the United States featured the likeness of a former president.

Follow the links below to find out who is pictured on each American coin denomination today.

Who is on the penny?

1944 lincoln wheat cent. Click to read more about Abraham Lincoln on the penny

Wheat cent featuring President Abraham Lincoln

Who is on the nickel?

1964 sms jefferson nickel. Click to read more about Thomas Jefferson on the nickel

Nickel featuring President Thomas Jefferson

Who is on the dime?

roosevelt dime. Click to read more about Franklin Roosevelt on the dime

Dime featuring President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Who is on the quarter?

1983 p washington quarter. Click to read more about George Washington on the quarter

Quarter featuring President George Washington

Who is on the half dollar?

1964 kennedy half. Click to read more about John F. Kennedy on the half dollar

Half dollar featuring President John F. Kennedy

Who is on the dollar coin?

2002 s sacagawea dollar. Click to read more about Sacagawea on the dollar coin

Dollar coin featuring Sacagawea

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