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$2.5 Liberty Gold Coins NGC/PCGS Certified

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$2.5 Liberty Gold Coins NGC/PCGS Certified

There is simply no replacement for the confidence instilled by having a gold coin graded (also known as certified) by an independent grading company. Buying coins is much easier with the added trust that a numismatic expert at Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) or Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) has inspected, authenticated, and evaluated a valuable coin.

You can shop confidently for Liberty $2.5 Gold Quarter Eagle Coins that have been professionally graded. The process of getting a coin certified (or simply buying a coin that has already been certified) offers a number of benefits for collectors. Frankly, third-party grading has been among the most important developments in the history of numismatics.

Gainesville Coins is proud to offer certified $2.5 Liberty Gold Coins. Many of the coins in our inventory received Mint State grades of MS60 or higher. In addition, all graded coins come safely encapsulated in a hard plastic holder that protects your investment from wear or damage. The label within the holder identifies the coin and the clear plastic lets you admire and display your coin easily.

The Liberty Head quarter eagle, as the design is sometimes known, made its debut in 1840. The artist Christian Gobrecht, who also became the mint's Chief Engraver that same year, created the design. Lady Liberty is shown from the side profile and gracefully looks toward the left. Her head is adorned by a small crown or tiara that is inscribed with "LIBERTY," and her hair is styled in a bun. The perimeter of the coin includes thirteen stars near the rim.

A bald eagle design is used for the opposite side of the coin. The denomination of the coin is abbreviated at the bottom rim, reading "2 1/2 D." The eagle's wings are spread and its talons are holding an olive branch and a bunch of arrows. An unsupported shield hovers in front of the eagle as protection. The coin's edge has a reeded pattern.

Like other gold coins issued by the United States at the time, the $2.50 Liberty gold quarter eagle was struck from .900 fine gold. The other 10% of the alloy is made up of copper. By weight, each of these coins contains 0.12094 troy ounce of pure gold content. The long period during which this coin was minted spanned the years 1840 to 1907.

When you shop for certified gold coins, you'll find the lowest prices at Gainesville Coins! Add graded Liberty gold quarter eagles to your collection.