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$10 Liberty Gold Coins (Non Certified)

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$10 Liberty Gold Coins (Non Certified)

The Gold Eagle was an official United States gold coin with a $10 denomination. Until 1850, it was the highest value gold coin that the U.S. Mint issued.

Between 1838 and 1907, this denomination used a Liberty design that showed the head of Lady Liberty facing toward the left. On the opposite side of the coin, an eagle with its wings spread in what is known as a heraldic pose is used for the reverse design. (In 1866, the motto "IN GOD WE TRUST" was added above the eagle's head.)

This design endured for so long because it symbolized American values. It was admired around the world throughout the 19th century and is beloved by coin collectors today. Its 0.48375 troy ounce of pure gold content made it among the largest gold coins in the world at the time it circulated. This proved to be more helpful to banks and state treasurys than to the average person conducting everyday commerce.

Both the bald eagle and the portrayal of Lady Liberty are the work of the U.S. Mint's third Chief Engraver, Christian Gobrecht. He was a well-respected artist and is also credited with designing a silver dollar that bears his name. Gobrecht is the creator of the "Seated Liberty" design that appeared on a variety of coin denominations in the 1800s.

Gobrecht followed the classical artistic style of the Greeks and Romans of antiquity. Lady Liberty is depicted with hair pulled back tightly into a bun although a few curly strands fall down to her ear. She wears a tiara that bears the word "LIBERTY" across the front. The date the coin was issued is placed at the bottom rim beneath the truncation of the bust.

On the reverse, Gobrecht chose a new style of bald eagle that nonetheless resembles the heraldic eagle that is a familiar feature of American iconography. The eagle has its wings spread and is protected by a shield that floats in front of its chest. Its talons hold arrows and an olive branch, representing the country's desire for peace but preparedness to defend itself.

$10 Liberty Gold Eagles remain a popular choice due to the hefty amount of gold each coin contains. It offers investors a great way to diversify their holdings with physical precious metals. At the same time, these coins carry more historical significance than the typical gold bar. Shop for U.S. gold coins at Gainesville Coins!