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$2.5 Liberty Gold Quarter Eagle Coins (Uncirculated) - Random Date $2.5 Liberty Gold Quarter Eagle Coins (Uncirculated) - Ran...
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$2.5 Liberty Gold Quarter Eagle Coins (About Uncirculated) Random Date $2.5 Liberty Gold Quarter Eagle Coins (About Uncirculated)...
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$2.5 Liberty Gold Coins (Non Certified)

When the United States Mint was founded in 1792, its original lineup of gold coins was based on the $10 Eagle. It followed that the $5 gold coin was known as a Half Eagle while the $2.50 denomination was called the Quarter Eagle. (The $20 Double Eagle was introduced in 1850.) These small gold coins measure 18 mm in diameter.

Due to its unusual denomination and 90% pure gold content, the $2.5 Liberty Gold Quarter Eagle is a favorite among coin collectors today. With 0.12094 troy ounce of fine gold by weight, these coins also offer a low-cost option for investors who want to buy physical precious metals for their portfolio. It is also a great representative of the Liberty theme and classical style of art that characterized American coins throughout the 1800s.

Like the larger $5 half eagle and $10 gold coins, these Liberty Head quarter eagles used the designs of Christian Gobrecht for both the obverse and reverse. He served as the Chief Engraver for the U.S. Mint from 1840 until his untimely death four years later.

The design on the obverse features Lady Liberty with her hair pulled back in a bun. Miss Liberty faces left and wears a crown that is emblazoned with the word "LIBERTY." Thirteen stars fill the outer rim and the year of issue is inscribed at the bottom rim. The reverse uses Gobrecht's bald eagle with its wings spread, similar to the heraldic eagle seen on many U.S. coins and the Great Seal of the United States. There are arrows and an olive branch in the eagle's talons. The denomination is indicated by "2 1/2 D." placed beneath the eagle. The edge of the coin uses a reeded pattern.

Collectors and bullion investors alike have included these coins in their portfolio as a way to diversify their investments with physical gold.

The Liberty $2.50 gold coin series also includes what many numismatists consider the first-ever commemorative coin in America's history. Known as the "CAL." gold quarter eagle, there were a small number of Liberty gold quarter eagles minted in 1848 that were stamped with the abbreviation "CAL." to show that this was some of the first gold found in the California territory.

In addition to being minted in Philadelphia and San Francisco, the $2.50 Gold Liberty coin was also struck at the short-lived mints in the South located in New Orleans, Louisiana; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Dahlonega, Georgia.

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