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The double eagle is the king of all U.S. gold coins. It was the largest gold coin ever minted for circulation in America. With a $20 denomination, it also had the highest face value of any circulating coin in the United States.

Liberty Double Eagle (1850–1907)

coronet liberty head gold double eagle 1849 pattern

1849 Liberty double eagle pattern. Image via USA CoinBook

The Liberty Head double eagle $20 gold coin was authorized by Congress in 1849. The Liberty Head "Coronet" design by Chief Engraver James Longacre was struck until late 1907, when it was replaced by the Saint-Gaudens double eagle.

Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle (1907–1933)

saint gaudens double eagle gold no motto

Image via USA CoinBook

The 1907-1933 Saint-Gaudens double eagle gold coin is considered to be the most beautiful circulating U.S. coin in history. The original high relief circulating design is one of the most celebrated rare coins in American numismatics.

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