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Silver dollars have mostly faded from the memory of the American public. It has been decades since dollar coins were regularly used in commerce. Today these coins are considered collectibles. Many investors buy silver dollars for the silver content, as well.

Liberty Seated Dollar (1840–1873)


Image source: USA CoinBook

Sometimes this design is alternately referred to as "Seated Liberty." The motif wasn't only used for the dollar coin. It appeared on every silver coin denomination in the United States for more than thirty years. This includes the dime, quarter, half dollar, and silver dollar.

This uniformity across various coins makes the Liberty Seated silver dollar a favorite among collectors. The design also marked the first time Lady Liberty was shown in full rather than from the neck up.

Read more about the longest-running silver dollar design in U.S. history.

Morgan Dollar (1878–1921)


Image source: USA CoinBook

Undeniably, the Morgan silver dollar is the most well-known and beloved U.S. silver dollar. It was born from a political boondoggle and rarely circulated as money. Most Morgans sat in bank vaults and were eventually melted down by the millions.

However, coin collectors in the 20th century made the coin a numismatic favorite.

Find values for every Morgan dollar and learn more about this classic coin.

Peace Dollar (1921–1935)


Image source: USA CoinBook

The Peace dollar was the last circulating 90% silver U.S. dollar coin. Its design theme celebrated the end of the First World War, which at the time was widely considered the "war to end all wars." After four years of worldwide carnage from WWI, this new silver dollar reflected the optimism of a lasting peacetime.

Find values for every Peace dollar and learn about its beloved design by following this link.

Eisenhower Dollar (1971–1978)


Image source: USA CoinBook

The short-lived "Ike" dollar has grown into a niche area of collectible coins. These large-sized dollar coins came in 40% silver and copper-nickel clad varieties. Find out which Eisenhower dollars are silver and how much they are worth.

Commemorative Dollars (1983–present)


Note: Commemorative silver dollar coins come in a variety of designs. Image source: CoinUpdate

To this day, the U.S. Mint issues silver dollar coins—except that they aren't intended to be spent as money. Read more about the U.S. Mint’s modern commemorative silver dollar program.

American Silver Eagle One Dollar (1986–present)


Image source: USA CoinBook

Today's bullion coins are the "next generation" of silver dollars, so to speak. Find values for every Silver Eagle coin and find out why it is considered the modern silver dollar.

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