1913-S Buffalo Nickel (Type II) Value

Mintage: 1,209,000
Finest Known: MS67 (NGC) MS67+ (PCGS)
Auction Record: $49,938 (MS67)

The high prices garnered by the 1913-S Type 2 Buffalo nickel stem from little collector interest at the time since everyone was focused on the short-lived Type 1 nickels. The paltry mintage of barely 1.2 million coins made matters worse for later collectors.

1913 s line type 2 buffalo nickel

1913-S Type 2 Buffalo nickel. Image: USA CoinBook

The Value of A 1913-S Type 2 Buffalo Nickel

A key date for Buffalo nickels, a lack of notable hoards, and a low mintage means that even circulated examples of the 1913-S Type 2 are expensive.

Recorded populations for the 1913-S Type 2 Buffalo nickel at third-party grading services have been inflated by countless resubmissions in attempts to get a better grade. The actual numbers of coins at each grade are less than the numbers suggest.

1913-S Type 2 Buffalo Nickel Price Guide

Circulated Grades

Very FineExtremely FineAbout Uncirculated

Uncirculated Grades

Mint State 61Mint State 63Mint State 65Auction Record (MS67)

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