1950 Jefferson Nickel Value

Mintage: 9,796,000
Finest Known: MS68 (NGC) MS67 (PCGS)
Auction Record: $447 (MS67)

1950 jefferson nickel

1950 Jefferson nickel. Image: USA CoinBook

The low mintage of the 1950 Jefferson nickel was due to the inevitable post-war recession that hit the US economy in 1948. Enough nickels were in circulation that few new ones were needed.

The Value of A 1950 Jefferson Nickel

Thanks to a small amount of hoarding that hoped to cash in on the low mintage, Mint State 1950 Jefferson nickels are easily found. Unfortunately, not much care was put into their manufacture, and most survivors have below average strikes. This means that Full Steps examples are rare.

This is one of those early dates where no nickel with six Full Steps has been seen by the major coin grading services.

1950 Jefferson Nickel Price Guide

Circulated Grades

Very FineExtremely FineAbout Uncirculated
FV = Face Value (5 Cents)

Uncirculated Grades

Mint State 61Mint State 63Mint State 65Auction Record (MS67)

1950 Full Steps Jefferson Nickel Price Guide

Finest Known: MS67+ FS (NGC) MS67 FS (PCGS)
Auction Record: $11,500 (MS67 FS)

Uncirculated Grades

Mint State 61 FSMint State 63 FSMint State 65 FSAuction Record (MS67 FS)

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