1881-CC Morgan Dollar Value

Mintage: 296,000

Finest Known: MS68 (NGC) MS68 (PCGS)

Auction Record: $67,563 (MS68)

The tiny 296,000 mintage for the 1881-CC Morgan dollar has been attributed to a local shortage of silver at the Carson City Mint. The economics of the situation made it more profitable for silver miners in the Comstock Lode to ship their silver to the San Francisco Mint from Tucson than send it to Carson City.

Surprisingly, there are more Mint State 1881-CC Morgan dollars than there are of other Carson City mintages. Nearly half of all 1881-CC Morgans ended up in Treasury vaults. This resulted in a large number of uncirculated survivors, when compared to other Carson City dates.

The Value of An 1881-CC Morgan Dollar

More than 147,000 1881-CC Morgan dollars remained in Treasury Department vaults when the GSA began the famous series of Morgan dollar sales in 1972. This resulted in a few thousand Mint State survivors. This resulted in prices for the 1881-CC Morgan being lower than those of other small mintage Carson City dates. Even so, demand for Mint State Carson City Morgan dollars of any date at all keeps prices high.

1881-CC Morgan Dollar Price Guide

Circulated Grades

Very Fine Extremely Fine About Uncirculated
$442 $468 $488

Uncirculated (Mint State) Grades

Mint State 61Mint State 63Mint State 65Auction Record (MS68)

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