1890-CC Morgan Silver Dollar Value

Mintage: 2,309,041

Finest Known: MS66 (NGC) MS66+ (PCGS)

Auction Record: $58,750 (MS66)

At 2,309,041 coins, the 1890-CC Morgan dollar was the largest silver dollar mintage by the Carson City Mint. Only one other year, 1878, saw a mintage above two million coins.

Tens of thousands of 1890-CC Morgan dollars were released into circulation by the Carson City Mint after being struck. When the mint closed permanently, all coins stored there were sent to the San Francisco Mint, or the vaults at Treasury Department headquarters in Washington DC.

Several thousand 1890-CC Morgan dollars were released into circulation from the Treasury Department in the early 1930s. Many more thousands were released in both Washington and San Francisco during WWII. Even more 1890-CC were disbursed from both locations in the early 1950s (all at face value).

All had been snapped up by collectors by the time of the great 1962–64 releases of Morgan dollars by the Treasury Department. 3,949 remaining 1890-CC Morgan dollars were sold as part of the GSA Morgan dollar sales in 1972.

A substantial portion of the entire mintage, around 1 million coins, is thought to have disappeared into the melting pot under the 1918 Pittman Act.

The Value of an 1890-CC Morgan Dollar

While uncommon in any grade, the 1890-CC Morgan dollar is more readily available than many other Carson City mintages. In Mint State, the 1890-CC is scarce in lower grades (MS60–MS62). Numbers drop sharply in grades above MS63, with any coin above MS65 considered a condition rarity.

The average 1890-CC Morgan dollar exhibits a decent strike. Sharp strikes with attractive fields are not overly difficult to find.

1890-CC Morgan Dollar Price Guide

Circulated Grades

Very Fine 25 Extremely Fine 45 About Uncirculated 55
$132 $195 $306

Uncirculated (Mint State) Grades

Mint State 61Mint State 63Mint State 65Auction Record (MS66)

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